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Mass Constructions. Your Malvern Second Storey Extension Builder

Second Storey Extension Malvern, Melbourne

Second Storey Extension Malvern, Melbourne
When you love the area where you live. The location of your home is perfect but it feels a bit cramped for space? Then a second extension might be the perfect way to create the space that you need. If you are like us, your home is the heart of your family. It’s the place where you and your family can relax, have fun and rest. If home feels a bit over crowded, then relaxing sometimes isn’t that easy, but we can help. Maybe you work form home too? If that’s the case, having dedicated home office space that meets your could be a big benefit? Have you already been thinking about a second storey extension for your home? A second storey extension for your Malvern home will bring your dreams of a spacious new home to a reality. Let Mass Constructions help you make your home extension dreams come true!

Thinking about building a second storey extension in Malvern?

If you’ve been thinking about building a home extension then we should talk. Whether you are thinking about a second storey extension or building out on the ground floor, Mass Constructions can handle all your extension design and building needs. We can help you to create the spacious new home that meets all your needs and desires. We are a leading home extension contractor in Malvern with over 30 years of experience. Our design specialists will work with you to design a space you’ll love and our highly skilled craftsmen will make it a reality.
Make you neighbours green with envy when you get a new 2nd floor extension!

Home renovation in Middle Park, Melbourne.

A 2nd floor extension can provide much needed space

Often when we think about extending we assume it should go at the back or side of the house. Building a 2nd floor can be the right option.

Call Mass Constructions for advice on second floor additions

Second Storey Extensions in Malvern, Melbourne

At Mass Constructions, we take the hassle out of second storey extension building. We offer you the complete solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We would love to be your home renovator and second storey extension builder in Malvern.
Whenever you are looking to add a second storey extension to your home, we would love to talk to you about your project. Mass Constructions are a local, family owned renovation and second storey extension builder based in inner south east Melbourne.

We know that building a home extension or getting a house renovation can be stressful for you. With that in mind, we take a flexible approach to managing your project keeps you and your family central in our plans. When you are planning a second floor extension in Malvern, call us for a free consultation.

The Malvern Extension Builder

Let s take the strain! Mass Constructions will look after every aspect of your second floor extension project. From your initial concept designs, to working plans, council approval and building your extension, we will take care of all the details for you. Our intention is to make your home extension project a smooth, stress free process for you and your family.

We have completed a number of second storey extensions in the Malvern area. Each project was completed on time and within our client’s project budget. We have the necessary skill, knowledge and experience to take care of your home extension project from start to finish. We’re 100% confident in our ability to deliver exceptional quality to all our building clients in Malvern and beyond.

Make Mass Constructions your Malvern second storey extension builder.

Home Extension Builder in Malvern

At Mass Constructions, we provide all our clients with the complete service for their second storey extension in Malvern. That includes our design and project management service. From beginning to completion, we will look after every aspect of your home extension build. We specialise in 2nd floor extensions. We are fully licensed extension builders, with extensive experience, as are all of our tradesmen and contractors.
We hold all the necessary construction licenses, we are fully insured and certified to carry out your second floor extension building work.
With over 30 years experience, you can be assured of complete peace of mind and a new addition to your home that you’ll love. We know that you will be proud to show off your newly extended home. We have completed several large scale second floor additions and even third storey extensions in Malvern over the past 12 years.

Your Experienced Home Extension Contractors in Malvern

We help make the extension process easy for you. Our specialist home addition designers will work with you every step of the way to help you create the new space you want. We’ll help you to design your new home addition to makes the best possible use of the available space and make our new home suit your family and your lifestyle. With you, we help create the 2nd floor extension design to include any features you love in a practical and creative manner. Even better, we’ll help to provide you with house extension ideas that you may not have considered.

You get the benefit of over 30 years of experience experience in building second storey extensions. We’ve seen a lot in that time and our designers may give you fresh new ideas for your new extended home in Malvern. We know that the design process can often feel like a bit of a challenge. And as your design evolves, you may see some nice ideas or features that you would like to include in your home addition. We will work on the design draft until we arrive at a layout that you are happy with.

Make Mass Constructions your house extension builder in Malvern.

We provide you with the complete second floor extension design and build service. We look after all the detail, so that you can relax.

Second Storey Extension Design and Building Contractor Malvern

Together we will create the extension design of your dreams. When you have an extension design that you are happy with, we will create the working drawings and submit them for council approval. House extensions in Malvern require Melbourne council approval. When your house extension design is approved, our team of contractors and addition builders will begin work on your house to to turn those 2nd floor extension plans into reality. Our professional team of extension builders have over 30 years of experience within their individual trades. As craftsmen they take great pride in their work and they pay close attention to detail.

We help with council approval for your home extensions project.

The planning process can be a maze. If this is your first time building a house extension, you probably haven’t applied for local council approvals before. There can often be a lot of administration and red tape involved but not to worry. When we handle the design and build of your home extension, we will take care of everything including council approval.

Second Floor Extension in Malvern? Call on Mass Constructions

If you are considering building a second storey extension to your home, give Mass Constructions a call. We really can help make the whole process easy. From the initial design right through to the completion of your home addition, we can take care of it all.

Hiring Your Second Storey Extension Contractor

Perhaps you already have your final extension design? Maybe yo’ve had an architect draw up the working plans and have been granted necessary council approvals? The next step is choosing a builder for your home addition. Have you set your budget for your second floor extension? If so then you are ready to select your second storey extension builders in Malvern to build your home addition. Be certain to choose someone who not only has the qualifications and experience, but also someone you can foresee that you will have a good working relationship with. Building second floor extension to your home is a big undertaking and can be stressful. So it is important to have a builder that can make the entire process easy.

Make Mass Constructions your second storey extension builder in Malvern. For us, the relationship with you is the most important aspect of your extension or renovation project. When we have a great working relationship, anything is possible!

We're Mass Constructions. We don't just build extensions. We build strong relationships with our clients

Your home extension is not just another job to us. We’re building your home and making it a place you’ll be proud to show your friends and a space you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Families grow up and your lifestyle changes. At some point in time, you may feel that your home has become too small, has become over crowded, or it simply no longer suits your needs. Maybe a second storey extension could be the answer?

Rather than moving, have you considered having an extension added on? Building a second storey extension is a great way to create that additional living space that you would love without any of the upheaval you would have when moving. Just think about all the hassle involved when buying a new house, selling your current home, packing up everything you own and moving. That doesn’t even count the costs of moving. 

Just think – adding a second storey extension to your current home could give you the home of your dreams in the location you already love.

When your need for space outgrows your current home, a second floor extension may be the best option. Your family home is full of happiness, it’s your comfy place and it is where you’ve made lots of wonderful memories. So why leave it to move, when a second storey extension from Mass Constructions could easily transform your home by adding the additional space you need?

A second floor extension from Mass Constructions is the perfect way to maximise your liking space in your home without having to loose any garden or yard space. Why build out when you can build up? Our extension design expert will help you envisage how your extended home will look and feel when completed.

With a second storey extension, you can live in the space you’ve always wanted without moving. Your home addition design will create the perfect space for you and your family. Your 2nd floor extension design will create the space that you want and need within the budget you can afford. Mass Constructions deliver fine quality house extensions, adding appeal and value to your home – making you the envy of your neighbours.

Whatever your extension or renovation needs, talk to us today to arrange a no obligation consultation. Together, we can discover exactly what you would like, your budget and find a way to create the second floor extension that you’ve been dreaming of.

So what is involved in adding a second storey extension?

Depending upon your needs and the layout of your home, the work may be separated to just one section of your home. This may be possible if you’re extending your home only one side or the rear. When we have an understanding of the work involved, we can estimate the likely cost for your second storey addition. But for now, it’s important to understand that this probably isn’t a low-cost project. It can be a significant financial investment, however it’s frequently a less expensive than moving home. The total expense depends on lots of aspects, such as the size of the addition, layout of the extension, and what kind of materials you choose to use in the finish.

Adding a second floor may not be straight forward. You may also require additional work to be carried out on the existing section of your home to bare the weight of the extension. A survey of the existing structure will determine if this is required.

Another point to consider is how the extension will fit addition according to your house’s present architectural features. Would you want the new home addition match with the existing finish or do you want the extended building to contrast with the old? Often clients choose the contrasting design option, but it is a personal preference. 

When choosing your second storey contractor, it is important that you find someone who you will feel comfortable with. You will be relying on them not only to do great work but also to be someone you can have a good working relationship with for the duration of your extension project. At Mass Constructions we can put your minds at ease because we know how important it is to have a friendly working relationship. We understand the stress that building a new home addition can have on you. But rest assured that you have us as your expert working on your behalf to ensure that the process runs smoothly and is stress free for you for the entire project.

When you are looking for a second floor extension builder who has lots of experience with similar projects – call on us. We can help you with floor plans and show you examples of similar projects that we have done. It’s a good idea to have us visit and do a survey of the existing house. Getting a professional site assessment before you begin to do any second storey extension design is recommended. You will likely require assistance getting council approval for your addition. We can take care of that too.

If you have been thinking of adding a second floor addition, council approval can be a problem as height restrictions may apply. Also when extending upwards, you are making significant changes the profile of your home. A second floor addition might block some daylight or overlook neighbours properties. These could be potential concerns that effect planning approval.

You may have already decided to hire an architect for the design and planning of your house extension. Occasionally clients choose to do the design themselves. That could be an option if you are comfortable with building regulations and have a good understanding of planning and design.

You will need the approval of your local council for second floor extensions because the nature of these types of renovations are often structural and alter the external layout of your house. Each council has different requirements, however typical council requirements for home extensions. We have over 30 years experience in dealing with the planning process and requirements. If you choose to do your own design, it is a good idea to discuss your plans and design with the council at the outset. This will help you understand potential points where your building addition design might contravene their requirements.

If you are thinking about creating more space in your home and avoiding having to move, think about a personalized home extension or addition from Mass Constructions. Lots of homeowners add space onto their houses with an extra room or 2 at the back or side, but what if you do not have the space to construct outwards? Thinking about all the space above your house, it makes ideal sense to construct upwards with a second storey addition. Creating more area by building up with a 2nd floor addition retains your precious garden space so you can still have an outdoor entertaining area. You will still have space for a pool in the garden. 2nd floor additions can often be more expensive than building out because you’re developing onto an existing structure – but it really depends on the design. Most existing home structures can support a 2nd storey addition, but have a competent builder or surveyor carry out a survey to check before you begin making plans. A ground flooring addition can sometimes mean less disruption for the family, but you’d loose garden or yard space.

When you’re planning a second floor extension, there plenty of things to think about, and design is a critical aspect. When you are thinking about a second storey home extension give Mass Constructions a call and take advantage of a free design consultation.

Make us your Malvern Builder.

We have been handling home additions for over 12 years, and have had a 100% success rate when it comes to council approval for second floor extension plans. We have handled very complex projects including several where the building was on bushfire prone lands and also many heritage building projects.

Let Us Help With Your Second Storey Extension Plans

When you are thinking about doing a home addition in Malvern, give us a call. We’re Mass Constructions and we are always happy to listen to your ideas and answer your questions.

Book A Free Design Consultation

Take advantage of a free home design consultation and discover your options for a home extension or renovation

Do you need more space? Can't decide between a second floor extension or renovation?

You probably feel that your home is your castle? Rather than feel that you have to move to get a bigger home, perhaps you have been thinking about adding a second floor extension?
When it comes to home additions we can make the complete process pretty simple and stress free. We want to be your number one builder of choice when it comes to turning your home into the living space that you’d love. We are Mass Constructions and we have over 30 years experience in building fine second floor additions in south east Melbourne.
If you’re thinking about extending your home, or a home renovation, why not call us today? Our team are waiting for your call. Or just take advantage of our free design consultation to help you decide. 

Ground Floor Extensions in Malvern, Melbourne

Do you live in the Malvern area? Thinking about adding on a second floor extension to your home?  Perhaps you feel that your home is a bit of a squash and a squeeze but you love your location? Maybe we should talk? Rather than feeling that you have to sell up and move out, you could stay in your current home. Perhaps a second storey extension to your home could be the answer to your problems and provide all the extra space you’ll need? Extending your house in Malvern might even feel like a big job – and it is, but when you work with us, we promise to make the whole process as simple and straight forward as possible. And stress free.
From the initial design and planning phase, right through to the project completion, we can take the stress and worry out of extending your home and guide you every step of the way.

We’re a house extension contractor with over 30 years experience. We have completed several house additions throughout the suburbs of south east Melbourne and in Malvern in particular. We would love to speak with you when you are planning yours.

Is your home in Malvern? Are you looking to add more space to your home? Second storey extensions are the perfect way to add more living space, and more value to your home. When you need more living space and you love the home you’re in, why move? Why go through all the hassle and stress of moving out when you can simply move up? Maybe you’re not sure how a second floor extension will work in your home? Wonder where the staircase will go? Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to meet with you and talk through your ideas.

If you’d love the modern and airy feel of a new home, but at the same time you love the location of your current place – maybe give us a call. Why move from Malvern if that’s the area you love to live? At Mass Constructions, we’ve helped lots of our clients to change the look and feel of their old home with a home addition or renovating in Malvern. Perhaps you might think your current home is a little dated and you may even think the potential for change is limited. But talk with us first. Because we’ve we’ve managed so many home extension projects in south eastern Melbourne, we can help you with ideas and opportunities to create the home you envision.

Mass Constructions can help you to design and build the ground floor addition to your home.  Whether you want to extend your kitchen, add a downstairs bathroom or build on a new laundry room – we are here to help with it all. Several of our ground floor additions have included outdoor living and entertainment areas. Areas like an outside kitchen and dining space. Perhaps some new decking or a pergola. Your imagination is the limit. We can bring your home improvement dreams to reality.

Some Of Our Recent Renovation Projects

Completed building from driveway.

Home Renovation in Caulfield North

We’re proud to be the builder for this house extension and renovation on a  family home in Caulfield North. 

Elegant house in Caulfield.

Renovation & Extension in Caulfield South

We designed and built the second storey extension to this home in the Caulfield South suburb of east Melbourne. 

Hallway in Ormond house.

Home Renovation in Ormond

Working with this client on their home renovation in Ormond was a great opportunity to showcase our attention to detail.

What our clients say

We have over twelve years of experience in building extensions and home renovations across the suburbs of south eastern Melbourne and we’re really proud of the work we do. Here’s what a few of our clients have  said about us.

Profile photo of gentleman.

Kevin Bray

Home Renovation, South Yarra

I highly recommend Mass Constructions as a great builder for renovations. Working with Tim has been fantastic. We're really happy with the finished job.

Woman with dark hair.

Melina Matsoukas

Home Extension in Bentleigh

I am absolutely thrilled with our new extension. Tim is a great guy to have working on your home. He's a real professional and takes great pride in his work.