Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Stunning Alfresco Extensions

Alfresco Living: Why Do We Love Alfresco Areas So Much?

Alfresco living is not just a seasonal trend that will soon be on the way out. In fact, for many Australians, alfresco living is a way of life. Adding an alfresco extension to your home provides you with even more opportunities to spend time outdoors, entertain friends and family, and even enjoy time beneath a verandah in the shade.

An alfresco area is perfect for those living in Australia who want to spend time outside without overheating during the hottest summer months. Whether you are interested in expanding your outdoor grilling and entertaining space or thinking of building a pool and are in the market for a covered extension area, an alfresco addition is one solution to consider.

Why Build an Alfresco Extension?

Outdoor relaxing with tables and chairs.
An alfresco area is perfect for those living in Australia who want to spend time outside without overheating during the hottest summer months.

Building an alfresco extension is one way to add space to your home while providing your family and household with even more living space to enjoy. Some of the most appealing benefits of building an alfresco extension onto any home include:

  • Increase property value: Adding an alfresco extension to your home can significantly increase the value of your property depending on the size and type of extension you choose.
  • Create more outdoor space: Create more outdoor space that is fully functional with an alfresco extension.
  • Enjoy the outdoors year-round: Enjoy spending time outdoors year-round with a closed-in alfresco extension or an Alfresco extension that has optional doors and windows.

Alfresco Extension Ideas: An Introduction

Getting started with an alfresco extension for your own home will greatly depend on the budget you have to work with, as well as the vision you have for your available outdoor space. When you are in search of alfresco extension ideas, it is first important to ask yourself the following questions regarding the alfresco renovation you have in mind:

  • What is the budget available for this project?
  • How big of an alfresco extension am I thinking of for my home?
  • Do I have the necessary space available for the alfresco extension I want?
  • Are there zoning restrictions or requirements in place for me to build a new alfresco extension onto my home?
  • Am I interested in a ground floor or a second-story alfresco extension?
  • Will I be building an alfresco covered verandah? If so, will the extension have windows or maintain an open floor plan that leads outside?

Alfresco Ideas for South East Melbourne Homes

Outdoor area of a modern house.
Building an alfresco extension is one way to add space to your home while providing your family and household with even more living space to enjoy.

When you are new to the idea of an alfresco extension, brainstorming and comparing your options is highly recommended before making a decision. Some alfresco ideas to keep in mind when you are in the planning process of building a new alfresco extension for your home include:

  • Outdoor deck and/or patio extension
  • Alfresco dining area with covered roof
  • A verandah extension that is open or one that is closed with large windows for natural lighting purposes
  • Natural lighting home extension to help create a more energy-efficient home

Outdoor Alfresco Designs

Building an alfresco extension onto your home is a great way to open your property’s outdoor space while making it much more inviting for guests you want to entertain. Outdoor alfresco designs can range from standard outdoor decks and alfresco verandahs to customized indoor-outdoor living areas, complete with electricity, grills, swimming pools, and even built-in bars.

What Makes a Good Alfresco Design?

A good alfresco design for any extension is often subjective, as no one individual likely has the same taste and sense of style as another. However, there are a few factors of good alfresco design that can simply not be underestimated, such as:

  • Adequate living space: Ensure that your alfresco extension provides adequate living, walking, and moving around space for you and guests you plan to host and entertain.
  • Airflow: Ensure that your alfresco extension plan has adequate airflow solutions, especially if you intend to barbeque using your alfresco living space.
  • Materials: Choose the right flooring materials such as alfresco tiles that are designed for hot temperatures and/or walking, even during the hotter months of the year.
  • Colour scheme: A colour scheme that flows can significantly increase the visual appeal of an alfresco living extension outdoors.

Hidden Advantages of Alfresco Kitchens

Outdoor room extension.
An outdoor room promotes healthy living. Imagine relaxing and enjoying yourself in an outdoor room that’s fitted by creature comforts designed by you.

Some hidden advantages of alfresco kitchens that may help you to determine if an alfresco kitchen is right for your home’s extension include:

  • Spend more time outdoors: An alfresco kitchen provides plenty of time to spend time outdoors cooking in the sunshine and warm weather.
  • Add value to your home: An alfresco kitchen is one of the best ways to add significant value to any home or property.
  • Less indoor bacteria risk: Spending your time cooking outdoors in your alfresco kitchen extension is a way to minimize and/or eliminate bacteria from being spread inside your home’s main kitchen or cooking space.
  • Entertain more guests: An additional kitchen outdoors makes more room for entertaining guests both inside and out of your home.

3 Things to Know Before You Build an Alfresco Kitchen

Building an alfresco kitchen does not have to feel confusing, even if you are new to the process or the idea of an alfresco extension altogether. Before signing a contract and settling on an alfresco kitchen design and layout, there are a few things to know and keep in mind, including:

  • Building restrictions and permits: Do you need permits or certifications to begin building the alfresco kitchen you want outdoors? Are there any zoning laws or restrictions in place that may impede the extension-building?
  • Plumbing and electrical access: Do you have access to existing plumbing and electrical setups from the location of your planned alfresco kitchen? If not, how much will it cost for you to install the necessary plumbing and electrical utilities to properly configure your new outdoor kitchen?
  • Layout and design: Is the layout and design you have in mind for your alfresco kitchen extension compatible with your home’s current setup and floor plan? If not, what type of work is necessary to become compatible?

Advantages of Alfresco Tiles

Building an outdoor alfresco kitchen requires more than a basic design idea. When building a complete alfresco kitchen and/or entertainment area outdoors, you will also need to select flooring ideal for your space. Opting for alfresco tiles for any kitchen or outdoor extension area is highly recommended. Some of the most notable benefits of alfresco tiles specifically for outdoor extensions and kitchen areas include:

  • Non-slip grip: Outdoor tiles are perfect for walking barefoot or for anyone exiting a swimming pool or hot tub, especially when near a grill or other cooking gear.
  • Variety of design: There are virtually endless designs and patterns available with alfresco tiles.
  • Minimal maintenance: Alfresco tiles are designed with the outdoors in mind, making them extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Top Alfresco BBQ Tips That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Outdoor room extension.
The beauty of outdoor room extensions is that they allow you to exercise creative freedom.

When you are set on implementing a new alfresco extension to your home and want to build an extension complete with a BBQ, there are a few alfresco BBQ tips to keep in mind, such as:

  • Consider adding a natural fireplace or stove: Use a wood-burning stove or another natural outdoor fireplace to add to the area while also providing an additional cooking method.
  • Build your grill into the layout of the alfresco kitchen: Consider building or installing the grill of your choice into the stone or material used to build your alfresco kitchen extension.
  • Add an additional counter bar: For more seating and entertaining space, add more counter bars near your grill for both sitting and standing.

Come to Us With Your Alfresco Designs

Are you interested in an alfresco extension for your home but feel stuck or limited with your options? Do you have a custom layout or floor plan in mind when it comes to building your perfect alfresco living area outdoors? If so, don’t fret. Mass Constructions is here to help and takes pride in working with custom floor plans, even for alfresco extensions (both ground floor and second story projects).

Whether you have a custom design in mind involving a built-in bar or alfresco tiles for your outdoor patio, our professionals are experts in everything that comes with building indoor and alfresco home extensions.

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Whether you are looking to build an addition for entertaining outdoors or an entire alfresco extension that allows for cooking, entertaining, and more, Mass Constructions is here for you. To discover how Mass Constructions can help you build your alfresco extension, contact us for more information and schedule your consultation today.