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At Mass Constructions, we take pride in our expertise in building custom second storey extensions in south east Melbourne. As a family-owned business, we value personalised attention and effective communication with our clients, ensuring their unique needs and preferences are met.

Our portfolio showcases our dedication and expertise in designing and executing both ground and second storey additions, as well as various renovation projects. As seasoned extension builders specialising in custom construction and renovations, we are well-equipped to provide insightful and practical advice on every aspect of your extension project, including everything from ideas and design to budget considerations, permits, and planning.

We invite you to explore our website, project portfolio, and client testimonials for inspiration and information on second storey additions. With a solid reputation built on decades of experience, we aspire to be your trusted choice for a reputable and reliable builder.


Second Storey Extensions Melbourne: Choose Mass Constructions for Unmatched Quality and Expertise

Mass Constructions is your local, high quality Melbourne builder specialising in home renovations, and second storey extensions across the suburbs of inner south eastern Melbourne. We have more than 50 years combined industry experience in home construction, extensions, and renovations. Since then, we have developed a great reputation for high quality construction and reliable service.

We are not just your average extension builder. At Mass Constructions, we understand the importance of trust between builders and their clients. That’s why we take extra measures to ensure that all of our projects meet or exceed your expectations from start to finish.

We start by giving you a call to discuss your home extension and renovation project in detail to see if it meets the type of build we specialise in. Then, we proceed to come and meet with you in your home, so that we can discuss what your needs and wants are, as well as what’s feasible for your space. We want to understand how best we can support you in achieving your dream home.

Mass Constructions will then design and construct a bespoke home tailored specifically to your needs and wants. We will work with you every step of the way – from drawing up plans, getting the necessary building permits, to constructing the house extension itself. We always make sure that our results exceed expectations in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

No matter what kind of project you have in mind – whether it’s a second storey extension or extensive home renovation – Mass Constructions is here to help bring your vision into reality.

Mass Constructions Insists: Call Our Previous Clients

"Just from the very start we had a very very good relationship because we'd discussed many of the issues at the very first instance and once we had done that we basically knew just how far to take things and how we'd move forward."

A Second Storey Extension

If you love your home – why move out when you can move up? Adding a second storey extension is a great way to add more space to your home and it’s probably more affordable and a lot less hassle than moving.

Ground Floor Extension

When you want to extend your existing living space on the level – let us help you maximize your home. Ground floor extensions made easy!
Ask us about our tips and ideas for your ground floor extension.

Renovating Your Home?

Do you love your location but want to improve your home? Let us help you turn your home renovation dreams into reality. Don’t move home – improve it! We help you create the living space you want at the price you will love.

The Advantages of Adding a Second Storey to Your House

"The price was great. He [Tim McRae] refereed very well. I rang all the referees and they gave him outstanding references; and I really had a sense of Tim as a strong-minded, very trustworthy builder."

Adding a second storey to a house is a great way to increase living space as well as increase the value of your home. It has numerous advantages over ground floor extensions or building from the ground up, including cost savings, improved aesthetics, and increased flexibility in design.

The cost of adding a second storey is usually much lower than that of building an entire new section onto the existing structure. Furthermore, since it’s built on top of the existing structure, it doesn’t require extra foundation work or full excavation for basement construction. This makes adding a second storey more attractive for homeowners who don’t have the budget for complete remodelling projects or those with limited yard space.

From an aesthetic standpoint, adding a second storey can give your home a modern and updated design while enhancing its visual appeal and curb appeal at the same time.

A second storey can add an extra dimension to your home, especially if you are looking for more natural light and ventilation. You can choose from a variety of window styles to bring in plenty of natural light into each room while still providing adequate privacy. Additionally, the higher ceilings on the upper level will provide better ventilation throughout your home. Plus, if you opt for roof terraces or balconies on your new level, you’ll get even more fresh air in no time.

As you look to boost the value of your home, you may be among many homeowners who are unsure whether to have a second storey or a ground floor extension. When it comes to second storey vs ground floor extension, both offer a range of advantages. But in the end, you must consider which extension that best suits your needs and budget.

The cost and time required to complete a ground floor extension can be impractical for many homeowners. Mass Constructions tend to finish upper floor extensions a lot faster due to the much simpler construction process.

Upper-floor extensions can involve simply building walls and laying floors, while ground-floor extensions require excavation, foundations, and complex structural support systems. Ground floor extensions need more groundwork and engineering considerations such as drainage systems and foundations, which can take some time.

In contrast, second storey builds often don’t need as much preparation work and can usually be completed in half the time or less than ground level builds. This makes them a great choice for those who want an additional room or rooms quickly added onto their home.

Adding a second storey extension to your home can be an effective way to both increase energy efficiency and add privacy. Additionally, with two stories, there can be greater separation between bedrooms and communal areas, so each floor can serve its own purpose better. And since more rooms and storage spaces can be created on both levels, you can unleash your creativity and experiment with interior designs while expanding your living area.

Second Storey Extension Floor Plans

"Mass Constructions were recommended to us by a friend and when we went with Tim and Lucas, the designer, they came up with great ideas and were very professional and we thought: “Yep, this is what we want”."

Families grow up and lifestyles change. At some point in time, you may feel that your home has become too small, overcrowded, or it simply no longer suits your needs.

Building a second storey extension is a great way to create that additional living space that you would love without all the upheaval of buying a new place, selling your current home, packing up all your belongings, and moving away from the location you love.

When you trust Mass Constructions to be your partner in creating the perfect home for you, you are making sure that your second storey extension is built in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. By doing your design and build, we are able to look at it from a builder’s perspective, where issues can be picked up early on with the design and alternative solutions can be implemented without any delays or added costs.

Our experienced team understands both the designing and building aspects of a project which allows for seamless integration between designs on paper to completion of the physical structure. We are more than happy to design and construct your second storey extension floor plans, ensuring innovative solutions for all aspects of concept designs as well as structural calculations where necessary.

Let Mass Constructions help you turn your home renovation dreams into reality. Don’t move home – improve it! We help you create the living space you want at the price you will love.

The amount of space gained from an extension depends on several factors, including the size of your yard, existing structures, and available budget.

Before beginning any construction project, homeowners should consult with a professional builder such as Mass Constructions about their options for adding an extension. We will need to factor in how much space you will actually gain when building outwards or upwards, as well as any zoning restrictions that may exist in their area. We will also need to consider if you have enough room left over on your property for an addition, since this could affect design choices and overall cost.

Adding a second-storey extension is often the best way to significantly boost the amount of extra square footage without taking up too much outdoor space. Ground floor extensions are also widely used, but may only add limited extra space.

Unleash the Potential of Your Home with Second Storey Additions

With our online system, you’ll actually enjoy your building project. You’ll have all of the details at your fingertips, wherever you have web access. You’ll have all of your decisions and related information displayed neatly in order. We’ll even send you automatic reminders about what’s coming up next.

Second storey additions increase the size of small lots without overdeveloping them. With careful planning and design, a second storey addition can provide you with years of enjoyment and comfort in your home.

Think about how this upper floor extension will serve your current needs. Will it be used for additional bedrooms? Will it become an office or studio? Or maybe you have other ideas in mind such as a family room or theatre? Once you’ve determined the purpose of your new living space, then you can begin looking into making the most of its potential.

And not to mention, you need to make sure that you have the right team on board with your project for you to get the results that you desire. Mass Constructions is a leading construction company who specialise in second storey additions and can help you throughout the entire building process – from planning and design, through to construction and completion.

Renovating your home should be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t take the time to find a reputable builder. Working with inexperienced or unscrupulous builders can lead to some serious issues, including cost overruns and shoddy workmanship. Unfortunately, there are many construction horror stories from people who have worked with less-than-reputable builders in the past.

Mass Constructions has built its stellar reputation on providing a premium and professional service. We believe that communication is the key hence we have integrated an online system to make it easier for our clients to keep track of all the details of their house extension. This platform provides a comprehensive overview and all relevant information related to the project, from discussions about lighting fixtures and appliances, to materials and labour costs. You can conveniently access updates on the progress of their renovation project at any time.

Second Storey Extension Ideas

With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Mass Constructions have built a reputation for delivering quality results on every project we undertake. Our team of professionals are well-versed in the latest industry trends, pricing, and design standards, allowing us to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation, or a simple update, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

When you’re looking for a reliable local builder that you can trust and depend upon, you want to work with a builder who has a professional team that will assist and lead you through the design and planning processes and the construction of your house extension.

At Mass Constructions, we are here to help and guide you from the initial development of your ideas and plans right through to the final completion of your build. We will guarantee that your second floor extension project will get exactly the same attention to detail as it would if it were our own.

We work hard to build our reputation on high quality craftsmanship, our choice of only quality materials, and our old fashioned values like integrity and honesty. Values like those will never go out of style – not for us anyway.

Whether you’re looking for an additional bedroom, study or just want more room to entertain, there are plenty of second storey extension ideas on how you can utilise the extra floor space.

One of our wonderful clients was looking for the perfect open-plan house design that allows for lots of natural light to come in. But they weren’t sure whether a new build or a renovation was the right choice for them.

We sat down with them to discuss all the options available and help guide them towards the best decision. We explained how renovating an existing property can be more cost-effective and less disruptive than building something from scratch.

Our client was ecstatic with the results that they achieved via a second storey extension. The project included extending their house to create an open-plan living space that they have always dreamed of. With the help of our experienced team, we were able to bring our client’s vision to life and deliver a beautiful, modern open-plan house that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

With many different creative two-storey extension ideas available in Australia, you can transform your home into something truly special. You can use the extra space for a family lounge or transform it into an office with plenty of room and storage space. You can also add statement features like skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows to let in more natural light and enjoy greater views.

Another popular extension idea is to add a second storey to the rear of your home, creating an extra living area that’s ideal for entertaining family and friends. The beauty of this option is that you can get twice as much usable space in your home without spending a fortune.

It’s vital that you must first consider how you want the extension to look. Will it blend seamlessly with your existing home or stand out as its own statement? You should also think about the practical uses of each room within the extension – who will use them and what activities will they be used for? Once you have these details hammered down, Mass Constructions will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Expand Your Home with These Inspiring Bedroom Extension Ideas

Mass Constructions is your trusted source for expert second storey additions. With decades of experience and a focus on exceptional craftsmanship, our team will bring your bedroom extension ideas to life with exceptional results. 

Our expert advice and commitment to quality ensures that you will receive a seamless renovation experience. Let us help you turn your vision into a beautiful reality. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can make your second storey addition dreams a reality.

A bedroom extension can easily create a beautiful, luxurious atmosphere, giving you an array of ideas for creating the perfect retreat. Whether you’re looking for a larger bedroom, or adding a second bathroom, there are plenty of options to explore when extending your bedroom.

One of the best ideas for expanding your bedroom is to build a bedroom balcony overlooking the garden or countryside. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors while still staying comfortable indoors. Adding a skylight will also bring more natural light into the room and help you take in all the beauty of nature’s scenery.

An ensuite extension is another smart idea to make your master bedroom feel more luxurious and comfortable. You could opt for a smaller ensuite with just a sink, toilet, and shower. Or if you have more space available, you could create a larger bathroom with two sinks, bathtub, shower, and bidet. The flooring material is also something that should be considered – popular choices include ceramic tiles, marble or engineered wood flooring.

Whether you want to add an extra bathroom, walk-in closet, or study area, there are plenty of extension ideas to suit any budget. Here are some useful ideas for extending your master bedroom.

Floor-to-ceiling windows add natural light and beauty to any living space. Not only do they provide an abundance of light and views, but they can also be dressed up with curtains or sheer panels for added privacy when desired. Floor-to-ceiling ensuite tiles are another excellent addition as they allow for easy maintenance while providing a high end look that will make your master bedroom feel like an oasis. They offer that elegant touch that adds character and style.

One of the most popular master bedroom extension ideas is to design a his-and-her bathroom with plenty of indulgent amenities, creating a truly lavish experience. Couples will be able to enjoy their own personal space while also having access to all the amenities they need for a luxurious bath.

This type of bathroom addition can be tailored to each couple’s preferences and needs, from materials used and fixtures selected, down to custom storage solutions. For example, two separate sinks and shower stalls with steam showers are must-haves for an unforgettable bathroom experience. Furthermore, installing double mirrors can allow couples to get ready together or separately at ease as they won’t have to wait on each other anymore.

Before and After: The Stunning Impact of a Second Storey Extension

It feels really nice to be back in our home. I think the great thing for us is that Tim and the team really brought to life light in our house we weren’t expecting it to be as light as it is and that’s just one thing that makes our home our home.

A well-designed second storey extension can transform your lifestyle and increase your property value; from more natural light coming in to creating bespoke living spaces that fit perfectly with the rest of your home.

You might be surprised at the second storey extension before and after results. By providing additional space for family activities or creating extra bedrooms and bathrooms for guests, this kind of renovation can improve how you live in your home day-to-day in ways you’ve never imagined.

When it comes to home extension and renovation, Melbourne homeowners have one clear choice: Mass Constructions. As South East Melbourne’s recommended builder, Mass Constructions is dedicated to delivering top-notch construction services with a focus on customer satisfaction.

What sets us apart from other builders is our emphasis on communication. We offer a convenient communication service via app so you know exactly what’s going on with your property at all times.

The app makes it easier for everyone involved in the project to keep track of the progress and to stay on top of any changes during the house extension process. You’ll always be kept up-to-date throughout the entire process of building or remodelling your home; from the initial design stage to the entire construction period.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of home renovations. One client of ours discovered that their property has an heritage overlay, which meant they needed to follow certain rules and regulations pertaining to making any renovations in their home. With our assistance, we were able to help them through this process and ensure that their properties are compliant with all planning laws.

We are proud to have a dedicated team experienced in applying for building permits and other requirements associated with heritage overlays. We work closely with all of our clients, so they were able to understand what was required of them when extending their properties and how they could go about achieving compliance.

Home extensions need not be stressful and overwhelming. Mass Constructions is here to make extending your home a lot easier and simpler.

Maximise Your Living Space with a Second Storey Extension

A second storey extension is a great way to maximise living space in your home. By adding an additional level to your property, you can create more space for bedrooms, bathrooms, a home office or even a recreational room. This not only increases the size of your home, but also adds value to your property.

Adding a second storey extension is an excellent way to make the most of a home and it doesn’t have to be costly or overly complicated. The potential for customising and tailoring the new space is vast, allowing you to create areas for entertaining family and friends or simply make room for more storage solutions.

The key here is understanding what your existing needs are, as well as how this second storey could improve your lifestyle moving forward; whether that’s through creating more bedrooms or constructing a sunroom in which to enjoy those warm summer days with your family.

You can also opt to have a kitchen extension, allowing you to create an open-plan layout that maximises natural light and gives more space for entertaining guests. In addition, using floor-to-ceiling doors can make the most of the extra height and gain more usable space. They will also bring in natural light and ventilation, while providing access to outdoor balconies or terraces with stunning views.

Homeowners also prefer creating a place for family to gather, enjoy the views, and take in some fresh air. A second storey patio also adds extra living space, perfect for entertaining guests. The addition of this alfresco area can be achieved with minimal disruption to your home’s existing structure. By adding a balcony, pergola or roofed area off the back of your house, you can create an inviting outdoor environment that allows you to entertain outdoors all year round.

Not only do these solutions add valuable square footage to your home, but they also add extra style and sophistication.

Renovating a new master bedroom with an ensuite or adding a couple of new bedrooms for the kids is made a lot simpler with the help of Mass Constructions. There’s a lot to consider when planning a second storey extension or renovating your home. Yes, it can be quite overwhelming. But Mass Constructions has the knowledge, skills and experience to guide you through the entire construction process.

Design and build your dream home with us.

Enhance Your Home's Value with a Second Storey Extension

At Mass Constructions we pride ourselves on producing distinctive designs in a quick, reasonable amount of time. By designing with us, we keep your budget in check with updated building estimates as we go through the design process. This is a service that other design only firms just cannot do. In accurately calculating current building construction costs and giving you expert advice so you remain in control of your construction budget.

Building second storey extensions has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it is often seen as an attractive alternative to costly renovations or relocating houses entirely. It is also one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your home. It’s an investment that can bring back great returns in both the long and short term.

The additional space increases the size of an existing living area. You can create an entirely new room for entertaining guests, working from home, or simply enjoying more personal space. This added functionality serves to further enhance the property value of your home, making it easier for potential buyers down the line to recognize its worth. In no time at all, you’ll be able to reap maximum financial benefits from this type of property investment.

Now, we aren’t just another Melbourne builder. And we really don’t want you to think of us as your average second storey extension builder or renovator. We have worked hard to be the expert builders for second storey extensions.

Mass Constructions is known for helping our clients to design and plan beautiful living spaces, and turn those plans into the home that their families will love and enjoy.

We do more than just extensions and renovations. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients that continue for years. Your home is important to you, and we consider it an absolute privilege to assist you in creating that most special place. And it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Building Up on a Budget: The Cheapest Way to Add a Second Storey

Having an extra floor added onto your home is a huge financial commitment. But there are ways to reduce the cost. The cheapest way to build a second storey is to talk with an experienced builder like Mass Constructions. We can provide you with valuable insight into the current market prices and design trends, as well as offer advice on how to get better deals. We also have intimate knowledge of the industry, so they can help you find materials which will fit your budget while still providing quality results.

We are more than happy to recommend cost-saving tips that would otherwise go unnoticed. With our experience and expertise in hand, it’s easy for us to identify potential savings opportunities that could make the difference between a costly renovation project and one that you can afford.

Here are other effective techniques on how to lower the cost of your renovation project:

  • Take the time to research: Taking a little bit extra time to research materials, design options, and your desired outcome can save both money and stress in the long term.
  • Create a budget: Determine what your total costs will be. This includes materials, labour, permits, design fees, and professional services such as plumbing or electrical work. Then, set aside additional funds for unforeseen costs that could arise during the course of construction.
  • Keep the project timeframe short: Try to create a realistic timeline taking into account all aspects of building your new space. Prioritise tasks that need to be completed first and break larger jobs down into smaller ones so they can be dealt with in an efficient manner. Keeping the timeframe as short as possible will help reduce labour and material costs, making it easier to stay on budget.
  • Follow the advice of industry experts: Experts like Mass Constructions will be sure to discuss your budget thoroughly with you before beginning any work. By going over every detail with you, we ensure that there are no surprises or huge jumps in budget. As things are added or changed, we would always inform our clients that they are adding or subtracting from their build budget.

How Much Does a Second Storey Extension Cost?

If you receive a 1-2 page quote from your builder. Throw it away immediately. Because it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. At Mass Constructions, we spend hours – sometimes days working on a tender for a project. We provide you with a detailed booklet that’s usually 15-20 pages long, which itemises exactly what’s included in your build.

The cost of a second storey extension depends on a variety of factors, including the project size, design, and materials used. When planning such an addition to a home, it is important to take into account the cost implications before making any decisions. Firstly, the size of the extension needs to be considered; a bigger addition will generally cost more than a smaller one.

Another important factor that affects the cost of building a second storey extension is the type of materials chosen. If you opt for more expensive items such as hardwood floors, stone tiles or custom-made cabinetry, this will greatly increase your total bill. And if you need to make any structural changes in order to accommodate your new space, such as reinforcing joists or adding support beams, these items will also have an effect on the overall price.

It is essential to have a full understanding of the cost and scope of the project. Without an accurate estimation of both, you could find yourself paying more than expected or not having enough materials or labour to complete the work. This is why it’s best to speak with a professional builder like Mass Constructions before beginning any type of extension and renovation work.

It may seem reasonable to a lot of renovators that before an extension can be built, it needs to be designed, so a lot of people will begin their extension or renovation journey by contacting architects and draughtsmen. However, at Mass Constructions, we advise and even insist that you contact us before making too many enquiries about the cost to add second storey to your home.

Many architects will be happy to draw up plans according to a customer’s specifications, but when it comes to building the extension, the customer will abruptly realise that what they wanted and what was designed will cost a lot more than they initially budgeted for. Therefore, it really does make sense to speak to a builder such as Mass Constructions. As design and construct builders, we have intimate knowledge of industry costs and we’re more aware of what will be possible, budget-wise, when taking your requests into account.

There are other associated costs to building an extension. You may require a planning permit
and/or a building permit. In order to fully appreciate and consider what costs are involved, it’s also recommended to consider the future resale value of the house. Will the addition add value to the house? If not, how can the addition be implemented to increase the value of the property. Contact Mass Constructions to discuss the intricacies of extending a house – not just design wise, but also taking into account planning, budgeting and permits.

Adding a second storey extension in Melbourne can cost a lot, but there are ways to lower the cost. Consulting with Mass Constructions is one way you can easily reduce the cost of your second storey extension. At Mass Constructions, we specialise in providing innovative solutions for all types of house extension projects, so we understand how to make the best use of materials and labour. We have a team of experienced professionals who know what’s possible when it comes to designing and constructing second storey extensions and making them affordable for our clients.

To keep costs down, we will take into account every aspect of your project including size, materials required and design features that will add value to your property. We also offer guidance on workable designs that fit within financial constraints while still delivering quality results that meet high standards of safety and comfort.

Calculating the overall cost of home extensions can be a complex process. Mass Construction is here to help you arrive to accurate estimates of second storey extension costs. With an intimate knowledge of industry pricing and design trends, and combined with an eye for detail, we ensure that our clients will only receive accurate quotations. With years of experience in constructing second storeys and other home renovations, we have the expertise to guarantee a comprehensive assessment of your project’s cost.

Mass Construction takes into account all of the necessary materials and labour required to properly build a second storey addition. We also understand that second storey extensions come with numerous complex factors, such as local building regulations, design requirements, and structural constraints. All of these combined enables us to provide homeowners with trustworthy estimates of how much everything will cost.

Mass Constructions Are Extension Builders That You Can Rely On

I knew what I wanted for the living areas, but there were parts of the house that needed reconfiguring and I wasn't quite sure what was possible. I just really admire how they actually go about it all. To go from drawings then, actually producing a three dimensional house. So Mass Constructions was fantastic because it all just came as one complete package.
Julie / Customer

We are Mass Constructions. We are a family-owned and managed building firm, with family values and a dedication to producing high-quality results. Developing enduring client relationships is at the heart of everything we do.

As premier extension builders in Melbourne, our customer-first approach and passion for building high quality extensions have earned us a solid reputation as one of the most dependable and reliable contractors available. With a combined 50 years of experience, our team knows exactly how to bring your vision to life.

We build modern and traditional house extensions for our clients all across the suburbs of inner suburbs of South Eastern Melbourne. We’re the builder that you can trust and rely on when you want the home of your dreams. We deliver our clients projects on time, on budget and with a high quality finish that will exceed your expectations.

Our goal is to be your trusted construction partner in creating your new home – not just your builder.

Transform Your Home in Melbourne with a Second Storey Extension - Let's Discuss Your Options

When people make initial contact with us, we give them a call and discuss what their project is and what’s involved in it and to see if that meets the type of build that we are going to be able to help you with. From there, we will come out and meet you face to face in your home and discuss with you the needs and wants of you and your family and work out what’s possible for your home.

Planning and designing a second storey extension in Melbourne can be a difficult process, which is why Mass Constructions is dedicated to helping make your vision come true while taking care of all the details along the way. All our projects are custom designed based on individual needs and requirements, so that every second storey extension is unique to each customer’s property.

Every project we undertake is covered by our on-time and on-budget completion guarantee. When you work with us, you’ll discover that we give your home extension project the very same care and attention to detail that we would if it were our own home. Nothing is too much trouble. Our commitment to high quality workmanship, our use of quality materials, and provision of the latest building technology is all done with the aim of exceeding our clients highest expectations.

Whatever your construction needs are, talk to us first. Contact Mass Constructions today.

Book A Discovery Call

Take advantage of a home design consultation and discover your options for a new home, renovation or an extension

      Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Get clear on the vision for your home
  • How we’ll take you through the design process
  • How we’ll take you through the build process 
  • Have your questions answered

Why Choose Mass Constructions as Your Builder?

In a market where you have ample choices for selecting a builder for your project, choosing Mass Constructions stands out as a prudent decision. We understand that promises of high quality or low costs are common, but we believe that it’s the tangible results that truly count. We guarantee the timely delivery of your home extension, ensuring the realization of your dream without the associated nightmares. Our commitment to excellence and deep-rooted experience set us apart, making us the preferred choice for many homeowners.

What Makes Us Different From Other Builders?

What sets Mass Constructions apart is our unwavering dedication to high-quality home building and our genuine appreciation for the relationships we form with our clients. We consistently deliver your project on time, backed by our honesty and integrity. Our distinct approach is centred around becoming your trusted partner rather than just your builder. It is this commitment that sets us apart from the rest. Trust us with your project, and experience the Mass Constructions difference.

Whether you’re considering a ground floor or second storey extension, we bring the same level of dedication, commitment, and quality to each project. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. We invite you to explore further why Mass Constructions is the ideal builder for your next project.

Why Choose Us For Your Second Storey Extensions?

Choosing Mass Constructions for your second storey extensions is a sound decision. With over 50 years of combined experience, our family-owned business is committed to providing high-quality results tailored to your unique specifications. We understand the gravity of home extensions, and we aim to make them affordable without sacrificing quality. Our team provides free consultations to ensure a full grasp of your project goals before starting. Leveraging our expertise, we can assist you in increasing the value of your existing home through a well-executed second storey extension.

What Makes Us Different From Other Builders For Second Storey Extensions?

What sets Mass Constructions apart is our personalised customer service, unwavering commitment to quality, and extensive industry experience. We see ourselves as more than just builders – we strive to be trusted construction partners. We place a significant emphasis on building enduring client relationships that are grounded in strong family values. Our dedicated team guarantees your project’s completion on time, within budget, and with results that exceed your expectations. From acquiring necessary permits to designing the final layout, we manage every project detail, providing a stress-free experience for you.

Inspiration and Advice for Second Storey Extensions in Melbourne

At Mass Constructions, we offer a vast array of options for your second storey extensions in Melbourne. Whether your goal is to expand your bedroom, add an ensuite bathroom, or build a new home office, our team is ready to assist. We are adept at crafting spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, utilising high-quality materials and modern designs to transform your home into a space that truly mirrors your lifestyle and preferences.

Recently, we have executed numerous second storey extensions that showcase our dedication to crafting spaces that optimally utilise your property’s vertical space. When you partner with Mass Constructions, your imagination sets the limits.

The Second Storey Extension Builders You Can Rely On

As testified by our satisfied customers, we are a dependable choice for your second storey extensions. As Yehuda from Caulfield House commends, “Elegant house in Caulfield.” We take pride in such testimonials as they mirror our commitment to delivering perfect quality from day one. Talk to us first about your construction needs and let us turn your dream home into a reality.

Why Choose Us For Your Ground Floor Extensions?

Choosing Mass Constructions for your ground floor extensions is the best decision you could make. As a family-owned renovation and extension builder with over 50 years of combined experience, we are deeply committed to delivering high-quality results tailored to our clients’ unique specifications. We understand that home extensions are a significant investment, so we strive to make them affordable without compromising on quality. Our team offers free consultations to ensure that we fully understand your needs before we start the project. With our expertise, we can help you increase the value of your existing home through a well-planned and executed extension.

What Makes Us Different From Other Builders For Ground Floor Extensions?

Mass Constructions is set apart by our unique approach to customer service, our commitment to quality, and our extensive experience. Unlike other builders, we are not just your contractors – we aim to be your trusted construction partners. We focus on building enduring client relationships rooted in strong family values. Our dedicated team ensures that your project is completed on time, on budget, and exceeds your expectations. From securing necessary permits to crafting the final design, we manage every detail of the project, providing a seamless experience for you.

Inspiration and Advice for Ground Floor Extensions in Melbourne

At Mass Constructions, we provide a wide array of options for your ground floor extensions in Melbourne. Whether you wish to extend your kitchen, add a bathroom, or create a new laundry room, our team is ready to assist. We also specialize in creating comfortable outdoor living spaces, perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing. With high-quality materials and modern designs, we can transform your home into a space that truly reflects your lifestyle and tastes.

Recently, we completed a kitchen extension in Caulfield North that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, showcasing our team’s dedication to crafting spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. When you work with Mass Constructions, your imagination is the limit.

As evidenced by our satisfied clients, we are a reliable choice for your ground floor extensions. As Yehuda from Caulfield House puts it, “Elegant house in Caulfield.” We take pride in these testimonials because they reflect our commitment to delivering perfect quality from day one. Talk to us first about your construction needs and let us make your dream home a reality.

We work with clients across the suburbs of South East Melbourne. We have worked in the following areas building second storey extensions:

  • Middle Park
  • South Yara
  • Prahran
  • Malvern
  • Hampton
  • Glen Iris
  • Elwood
  • Caulfield
  • Caulfield North
  • Caulfield South
  • Brighton
  • Bentleigh
  • Armadale
  • Mount Eliza
  • Mount Martha
  • Richmond
  • Frankston
  • Black Rock
  • Sandringham
  • Caulfield South
  • Caulfield North
  • Ormond

Our Most Recent Projects

Recent Project Caulfield North

Home Extension in Caulfield North

We’re proud to be the builder for this house extension and renovation on a  family home in Caulfield North. 

Modern second storey house.

Renovation & Extension in Caulfield South

We designed and built the second storey extension to this home in the Caulfield South suburb of east Melbourne. 

Home Renovation in Ormond

Working with this client on their home renovation in Ormond was a great opportunity to showcase our attention to detail.

What our clients say

We have over twelve years of experience in building second storey extensions and home renovations across the suburbs of inner south east Melbourne. We’re really proud of the work we do. Here’s what a few of our ground floor extension clients have  said about us.

Ray and Jan. Second storey extension clients.

Chris & Karen

Home Renovation and Extension

Tim, you have exceeded our expectations! You have given us the space we wanted in a well-managed, reasonable amount of times without compromising on quality. We were very impressed with how you led us through each stage and your clear and appropriate communication throughout the project. Thank you!

Yehuda. Second storey extension client.


Home Extension in Caulfield South

In one word, Tim was really professional and very responsive as a builder. I was extremely impressed with the quality and overall price was great. His work was outstanding. The end result is superb.

This is a must read for anyone who is about to embark on a home renovation/extension or new home build project