We are Mass ConstructionsBeyond Building: Creating Your Dream Home with Passion and Expertise

Renovating a house is a big project and it can be difficult to know where to start. However, Mass Constructions, a leading renovation builder in Melbourne, is here to help. With decades of experience in the industry and countless successful projects, we will be there to make home renovations and extensions a lot less stressful for you.

We offer an array of services from drawing up architectural blueprints to obtaining necessary building permits, as well as skilled labour for every phase of the project. Our highly experienced team of architects, structural engineers, and contractors are committed to delivering exceptional results that surpass customer expectations. 

Mass Constructions also offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process – from planning through completion. We don’t just build houses. We also develop a lasting partnership with our clients to make sure that we create the perfect home for them.

Make your home better than before. Whatever your construction needs are, talk to us first.


Mass Constructions - A Leading Renovation Builder in Melbourne

As a family-owned home extension and renovation builder in Melbourne, we aspire to be your number one choice for premier home renovations and extensions. Our expertise lies in designing and executing exceptional home renovation projects in the inner south east region of Melbourne.

With over five decades of combined experience, we have built a great reputation in the industry, with one of our standout projects being the luxurious home renovation in Ormond 

as well as the ground floor extension we expertly finished in Caulfield North 2. We always strive to exceed expectations by understanding what it takes to create beautiful homes with functionality and beauty that lasts long after completion.

Mass Constructions is committed to only delivering exceptional results. Allow us to elevate your living space and bring your dream home to life. Browse our extensive portfolio to see what we can do for you!

How to Choose a Builder for a Renovation?

Renovating your home can be a daunting task. It requires careful planning, research, and the right person for the job. Choosing the right renovation builder is one of the most crucial parts of any construction project. Whether you’re adding an extra room or completely remodelling your kitchen, it’s essential that you find a qualified and experienced professional who can bring your vision to life.  

Mass Constructions is a reputable renovation builder with years of experience in the industry. We offer a wide range of services from complete home renovations to small-scale extensions and everything in between. Our team of experts are well equipped to handle any project, big or small, and provide quality workmanship that will last for years to come.

For an extensive renovation project, it’s essential that you find someone who is experienced in the field and has worked on similar projects before. Mass Constructions has an extensive portfolio and several case studies showcasing our previous works which allows you to get an understanding of the quality we can produce. 

We are extension builders you can rely on and we will have your back – always. Whatever your construction needs are, talk to Mass Constructions first.

A Second Storey Extension

If you love your home – why move out when you can move up? Adding a second storey extension is a great way to add more space to your home and it’s probably more affordable and a lot less hassle than moving.

Ground Floor Extension

When you want to extend your existing living space on the level – let us help you maximize your home. Ground floor extensions made easy!
Ask us about our tips and ideas for your ground floor extension.

Renovating Your Home?

Do you love your location but want to improve your home? Let us help you turn your home renovation dreams into reality. Don’t move home – improve it! We help you create the living space you want at the price you will love.

Upgrade Your Home with Professional Renovations and Extensions

Professionally done renovations and extensions can improve your home in ways you never imagined. From kitchen remodelling to adding an extra bedroom, renovating a property is a great way to add value, make better use of space, and enjoy the home more. 

Renovations usually involve upgrading existing features of the home such as bathrooms, kitchens, or lighting fixtures while extensions can add additional rooms or give new life to a neglected area of the house and increase its value.

From major renovations to ground floor extensions and second storey additions, Mass Constructions offers a comprehensive renovation service with every job designed around your individual needs. 

We take the hassle out of home renovations, extensions, and new builds – meaning that you can enjoy a stress-free process from beginning to end. We will work closely with you to design and construct a bespoke home that meets all your requirements and enhances the value of your property. 

With years of experience in home renovations and extensions across South East Melbourne, we make sure that each project is completed on time and within budget. Our clients are delighted with our work – their words speak louder than ours! See our client testimonials.

Get the Best Results for Your Extension and Renovation

When it comes to extension and renovation projects, you need a reliable builder who can get the job done to a high standard. Mass Constructions is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best results when extending or renovating their home.

At Mass Constructions, we make sure our clients have access to all of the details regarding their home renovation. To do that, we have set up an online system where they can log in and view real-time updates of the status of their construction. This system ensures that everyone involved with a project is on the same page and knows what needs to be done at every step along the way. 

By having our online system, clients are able to review detailed information about their projects such as budgets, timelines and materials needed for completion. This provides them with a comprehensive overview so they can easily track progress from start to finish.

In addition, we will also take care of all necessary permits and paperwork involved in the construction project; ensuring that everything from materials to labour meets code requirements. And lastly, we are more than committed to providing excellent customer service, offering advice on how best to maximise the space of your home without compromising on quality or safety standards.

We take pride in being able to transform homes into something even better than what they started off as. Whether you need structural repairs or a complete overhaul, Mass Constructions will deliver exceptional results every time.

Comprehensive Home Renovation Services with Mass Constructions

Mass Constructions is a premier home renovation builder servicing the south east suburbs of Melbourne. We provide comprehensive renovation services to customers looking to upgrade their homes.

Our team specialises in providing total solutions for all your home renovation needs — from complete remodels of bathrooms and kitchens to replacing fixtures and paint colours.

Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way, taking into consideration your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences. This second storey extension in Richmond best tells the story of how we were able to transform a space to suit the requirements of our client who has a wheelchair. We used our expertise in design and construction to create an aesthetically pleasing space that still meets all the functional requirements for wheelchair accessibility. 

Each Mass Constructions’ project is completed timely and without any disruption to our client’s daily life. No job is too big or too small for this company, making us an ideal option for homeowners looking to reinvent their homes.

Choosing the Right Builder for Your Kitchen Renovation

Choosing the right builder for your kitchen renovation is a big decision. After all, a kitchen renovation is an expensive and time-consuming project, so you want to make sure that you find the best person for the job.

Talking to past clients of a builder can be invaluable when it comes to finding out if they will be a good fit for your project. Clients can provide an in-depth assessment of the builder’s work; whether they met deadlines, completed on budget, and what their overall experience was like with them.

You must also take the time to examine the builder’s portfolio. Looking through portfolios can provide key insight into the style of the builder, as well as give inspiration for any ideas you may have in mind. Fortunately, Mass Constructions has a large portfolio available, featuring gorgeous kitchens with modern furnishings such as this modernised extended kitchen in Caulfield North

And as you can see from our client testimonials, many customers are extremely pleased with the services provided by Mass Constructions. Ray and Jan had this to say after working with us, “We did speak to other construction companies initially but Tim and the designer came up with great ideas for our home that no one else were able to deliver on. The team was very professional, I would highly recommend using them.”

Mass Constructions has a track record of excellence in delivering kitchen renovations that are both stylish and functional. From cabinets to countertops, flooring and tilework, no detail is overlooked. No matter what your budget or timeline may be, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

How Much Does Kitchen Renovation Cost?

It’s important to understand the project scope and budget for a kitchen remodel before getting started. The cost of any kitchen remodel varies depending on many factors, including the size of the room, materials used, and labour costs. 

Factors such as appliances, fixtures, electrical work, plumbing upgrades, countertops and cabinetry all add up quickly when it comes to overall costs. Additionally, any structural changes or building permits may require additional fees beyond basic material costs.

With Mass Constructions, you can get accurate estimates for your upcoming kitchen renovation project. Whether you’re looking to add new appliances or upgrade countertops and cabinets, we’ll help you identify all the materials and labour needed to complete your project. We also provide advice on budgeting for kitchen renovations and strategies on how to lower costs without compromising on quality.

Choosing the Right Builder for Your Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom renovation does not need to be stressful with the right builder. Mass Constructions is South East Melbourne’s trusted builder for bathroom renovation projects. We offer a wide range of services including design consultation, tile installation, shower door installation, custom vanity construction, and more.

Whether you’re looking for an efficient use of space or want to add in extra luxuries like a heated floor, a bathtub, or steam shower, we can make it happen. Nothing is too difficult for 

Mass Constructions. With our expertise in bathroom installations and product selection, we can advise on best practices to ensure that your new bathroom design meets all safety standards while still delivering the highest level of satisfaction.

We will also work with you to choose fixtures that best suit your lifestyle needs, so that you get the most out of your investment in luxury renovations.

Creating a luxurious bathroom experience is now easier than ever with Mass Constructions. Easily transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Get the Best Results for Your Shower Renovation

Whether you have stained or cracked tiles, leaky showers, or outdated fixtures, a shower renovation can make all the difference in your home. Mass Constructions has the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your bathroom is completed exactly as you imagined it. 

We can do it all, including repairing rotten timber framing, adding a waterproofing membrane, and installing modern bathroom furnishings to make even the oldest of bathrooms functional and aesthetically pleasing. We use only top-of-the-line materials for our renovations, so you can be sure that your new shower will last for years to come.

You should enjoy using your bathroom and want to spend time in the shower. If your bathroom starts feeling like a locker room, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom shower with the help of Mass Constructions.

How Much Does Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Bathroom renovations can be an expensive undertaking, but they don’t have to break the bank. Knowing ahead of time how much a project may cost can help you budget and plan for it. The cost of a bathroom renovation depends on several factors such as size, materials used, and complexity of the job.

The most basic renovations may include replacing fixtures like sinks, toilets and showers as well as updating tile work. For larger scale jobs such as relocating plumbing or adding square footage to the room, costs will be higher depending on the scope of work needed.

While estimates may vary depending on the materials and design chosen, it is important to consult a professional like Mass Constructions to get an accurate estimate. We have decades of experience in bathroom renovations and can provide the expertise needed when planning a remodel. 

Mass Constructions will work closely with homeowners throughout the entire process to ensure that all their needs are met in terms of budget and design. Furthermore, we will also take into account any necessary permits or regulations that may affect the cost of the project.

Innovative Laundry Room Renovation Ideas for Your Home

With a few simple touches, you can turn your laundry room into an inviting, functional space for all of your family’s washing needs. Whether you are looking to spruce up a small laundry area or completely update a large one, here are some creative laundry renovation ideas you can use to renovate the heart of your home. 

  • Combine your laundry room with the kitchen or bathroom: By combining the two areas into one larger space, you can save money on construction costs while also creating a functional area that suits all of your family’s needs. Doing so can also make use of existing plumbing and electrical systems while also giving you more room to work with when it comes to storage and other features.
  • Add more storage: Install upper or lower cabinets to store all of the necessary tools needed for completing chores. Countertops can also be used as folding or ironing stations or even just as a place to set down items while doing a load of wash. Make better use of the wall space by installing shelving units.

Get better sound proofing: Install noise-control walls that are specifically designed to muffle the sound of heavy machinery such as washers and dryers from spilling out into other parts of the house.

Comprehensive Builder Renovation Services in Melbourne

A design and build approach combines the design and construction phases of a project into a single contract, with the design-builder responsible for both the design and construction of the project.

As a design-builder for renovation projects in Melbourne, Mass Constructions understands the importance of structures that are built to last. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you from start to finish, making sure that your vision of a dream home is perfectly realised.  We specialise in taking 

the hassle out of your construction project. Let us do all the hard work – from designing and planning to obtaining permits and constructing – while you sit back and relax!

Our design and build approach has always been attractive to homeowners since it streamlines communication between all parties involved in the process, leading to faster completion times, lesser risk for the owner, and cost savings.

Contact Mass Constructions today for more information on how we can help design and build your dream home.

Choosing the Right Services for Your House Renovation

Mass Constructions is your go-to team when it comes to house renovation projects in Melbourne. We use a unique approach when designing for a home renovation, taking into consideration all aspects of the build from a builder’s perspective. This means that we can create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to construct, helping you to save time and money. 

Our focus is on quality, not quantity; going above and beyond to guarantee a perfect house renovation from start to finish.

Get the Best Results for Your Large Renovation Project with Mass Constructions

Mass Constructions is no stranger to large renovation projects. With over 50 years of combined experience in the business, we have become a top-rated small renovation builder in Melbourne. We are known for our expertise and commitment to quality workmanship. You may browse our portfolio to see all types of small renovations we have accomplished with our clients, including extensive kitchen remodelling in a 1970s style house in Ferntree Gully, bathroom upgrades in the Chelsea house, decks and patios, and more.

Mass Constructions only takes on a small number of projects a year to guarantee that each client receives the best possible service. We will be there for you every step of the way, from creating concept plans and obtaining building permits to the actual construction. 

Why Choose Mass Constructions as a Builder for Your Renovation Project?

What makes Mass Constructions different from other home builders in Melbourne is our commitment to make sure that each client is completely included in the design process. As a trusted builder for renovation projects, we believe that this ensures the outcome of the project will reflect what our clients want and need. 

We use a collaborative approach which enables you to be part of every step of the process – from deciding on materials to selecting colours – with Mass Constructions providing guidance for each step along the way.

We start by listening to your needs and ideas. We take into account your vision for your home as well as any budgetary limitations that may be in place. From there, we develop a design plan with input from all stakeholders to ensure everyone is on board with what’s being proposed. Similar to what has been done with the second storey extension and complete renovation of the Camberwell house, it was wholly a collaborative effort between Mass Constructions and the homeowners.

Our experienced professionals can also provide valuable advice about any potential problems that may arise during construction or offer suggestions for ways to make your project even better!

Smart Extension Renovation Investments with Our Building Company

Extension renovation costs can vary widely depending on the size and scope of the project. Understanding what factors influence the cost and budgeting accordingly can help you save time and money when planning a renovation.

Size is an important factor in determining extension renovation costs, as larger extensions will require more materials, labour, and design considerations to complete. Other factors that can impact the cost include the complexity of existing structures that may need to be altered or removed, any additional 

features such as skylights or extra insulation, whether electrical wiring needs to be updated, and finishes like flooring or tiles that must be purchased.

Getting an accurate estimate is essential. At Mass Constructions, we go above and beyond to ensure open communication between our team and our clients. We can help you get an accurate estimate for your construction project so there are no surprises later on.

How Much Do Home Renovations Cost?

The cost for home renovation projects will vary depending on size, materials used, labour, tools needed and other related expenses. Other factors like the age of your home and any necessary repair work will also affect the overall cost.

At Mass Constructions, we create custom plans that take into account both your timeline and budget constraints. With our years of experience working on a variety of different renovation and extension projects, we can give you the best advice for what is possible and realistic within your financial means. A great example of this is the cost-effective second-storey extension in Glen Iris that we completed, thanks to our experienced builders and their custom home design advice.

Our team is always here to answer any questions you may have about our services or how best to meet your goals with the available budget. So if you are ready to get your dream house built, start by contacting us today.

Choosing the Right Extension Builders in Melbourne for Your Home

At Mass Constructions, we always aim to be the best extension builders in Melbourne by providing our customers with nothing but exceptional service.

We understand the financial and emotional significance of your home. That’s why when you choose us as your renovation builder, we take it as a privilege to help you transform your living spaces into the home of your dreams.

We are more than just your average renovation builder. Developing lasting relationships with our clients by delivering quality work and creating beautiful living spaces is at the heart of what we do. Our reputation as a trusted Melbourne builder is built on our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating homes that families will love and enjoy for years to come.

Don’t just settle for any builder for your home renovation or extension project. Choose Mass Constructions. Experience the difference of working with a company that truly cares about building your dream home.

Melbourne’s Trusted House Renovation Builder

Renovating a home is a large investment. And for every house renovation project, you need to know you can trust your builder. At Mass Constructions, we are driven to deliver exceptional house renovation services to our clients in Melbourne. Our team of experienced and professional builders is equipped to guide you through every aspect of your renovation project, from the initial design and planning stages to the final construction. As a trusted house renovation builder, we are known for our commitment to quality craftsmanship and the use of high-end materials.

Our values of integrity and honesty are at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring that every project we take on is handled with care and attention to detail. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and strive to be their go-to house renovation builder, time and time again.

We are here to make the process of renovating your home as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Allow us to be your partner in turning your dream home into a reality.

Why Trust Mass Constructions for Home Improvement?

Mass Constructions is a well-established Melbourne-based company that offers a one-stop shop for all home improvement needs. Whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, remodel your bathroom, or undertake any other type of home improvement project, you can trust Mass Constructions to help bring your vision to life and make the process stress-free and enjoyable.

What sets Mass Constructions apart from other contractors is how we put a strong emphasis on being transparent and responsive throughout the entire duration of the project. It is a common occurrence for horror stories to arise within the construction industry. Countless times, clients have been left in dismay, as projects take longer than expected and cost significantly more than initially budgeted. That is what we strive to avoid. 

We are proactive in keeping up with current trends and technologies while maintaining communication throughout the entirety of a project, meaning no surprises or hidden costs after completion.

Best Renovation Builders Melbourne

Mass Constructions is committed to being one of the best renovation builders in Melbourne. We take a holistic approach when it comes to renovating homes, considering all aspects including style, function, cost and sustainability. By taking into account the client’s needs as well as local building codes and regulations, we are able to create beautiful transformations that meet everyone’s requirements and exceed expectations. 

You will find no other builders who are as passionate about creating inspiring spaces that reflect client’s individual styles and personalities than Mass Constructions. From kitchen renovations to complicated second-storey extensions, no job is too small or too big for us to tackle. Using quality materials and craftsmanship combined with meticulous attention to detail, we take pride in delivering superb results every time.

Transform Your Home with Professional Home Improvement Services

Transform your home into a luxurious refuge with the help of Mass Constructions. We stand out from other renovation builders in Melbourne because we offer proven and tested construction expertise, transparent communication, and consistent outstanding results. 

Whether you want an extensive renovation similar to the Ferntree Gully house or to modernise your home similar to the restoration of this 100-year old house, we’ve got your back.

With Mass Constructions at the helm of your home renovation project, you can rest assured that every aspect of construction will be taken care of with utmost diligence and attention to detail. 

From designing plans according to budget and timeline requirements to using only premium materials – our team utilises a comprehensive approach that ensures satisfaction at every step of the process. Furthermore, we also offer free consultations, so you can get an estimate before you commit to any project.

Contact Mass Construction for Home Renovations and Extensions

Your home must always meet your unique needs and lifestyle. Mass Constructions’ experienced team of renovation builders in Melbourne are dedicated to delivering high quality home renovations and extensions to the residents of inner south eastern Melbourne. 

Don’t settle for a home that you have outgrown or that doesn’t suit your needs. Let us help you achieve the home you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can build the house of your dreams.

Mass Constructions is a Reputable Renovation Builder for South East Melbourne

If you’re looking for a reputable builder in South East Melbourne, look no further than Mass Constructions. We are a family-run company dedicated to providing the highest quality construction services that will never let you down. 

Mass Constructions has been operating since 2007 and we have amassed an impressive portfolio of projects and real testimonials from clients we’ve had the pleasure to work with. We make it our mission to make our clients happy, one dream home at a time. 

We work hard to ensure seamless end-to-end construction services. From the initial consultation process through to completion of the project, we are hands on every step of the way to help guide, support and provide advice.

Book A Discovery Call

Take advantage of a home design consultation and discover your options for a new home, renovation or an extension

      Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Get clear on the vision for your home
  • How we’ll take you through the design process
  • How we’ll take you through the build process 
  • Have your questions answered

Why Choose Mass Constructions as Your Builder?

In a market where you have ample choices for selecting a builder for your project, choosing Mass Constructions stands out as a prudent decision. We understand that promises of high quality or low costs are common, but we believe that it’s the tangible results that truly count. We guarantee the timely delivery of your home extension, ensuring the realization of your dream without the associated nightmares. Our commitment to excellence and deep-rooted experience set us apart, making us the preferred choice for many homeowners.

What Makes Us Different From Other Builders?

What sets Mass Constructions apart is our unwavering dedication to high-quality home building and our genuine appreciation for the relationships we form with our clients. We consistently deliver your project on time, backed by our honesty and integrity. Our distinct approach is centred around becoming your trusted partner rather than just your builder. It is this commitment that sets us apart from the rest. Trust us with your project, and experience the Mass Constructions difference.

Whether you’re considering a ground floor or second storey extension, we bring the same level of dedication, commitment, and quality to each project. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. We invite you to explore further why Mass Constructions is the ideal builder for your next project.

Why Choose Us For Your Second Storey Extensions?

Choosing Mass Constructions for your second storey extensions is a sound decision. With over 50 years of combined experience, our family-owned business is committed to providing high-quality results tailored to your unique specifications. We understand the gravity of home extensions, and we aim to make them affordable without sacrificing quality. Our team provides free consultations to ensure a full grasp of your project goals before starting. Leveraging our expertise, we can assist you in increasing the value of your existing home through a well-executed second storey extension.

What Makes Us Different From Other Builders For Second Storey Extensions?

What sets Mass Constructions apart is our personalised customer service, unwavering commitment to quality, and extensive industry experience. We see ourselves as more than just builders – we strive to be trusted construction partners. We place a significant emphasis on building enduring client relationships that are grounded in strong family values. Our dedicated team guarantees your project’s completion on time, within budget, and with results that exceed your expectations. From acquiring necessary permits to designing the final layout, we manage every project detail, providing a stress-free experience for you.

Inspiration and Advice for Second Storey Extensions in Melbourne

At Mass Constructions, we offer a vast array of options for your second storey extensions in Melbourne. Whether your goal is to expand your bedroom, add an ensuite bathroom, or build a new home office, our team is ready to assist. We are adept at crafting spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, utilising high-quality materials and modern designs to transform your home into a space that truly mirrors your lifestyle and preferences.

Recently, we have executed numerous second storey extensions that showcase our dedication to crafting spaces that optimally utilise your property’s vertical space. When you partner with Mass Constructions, your imagination sets the limits.

The Second Storey Extension Builders You Can Rely On

As testified by our satisfied customers, we are a dependable choice for your second storey extensions. As Yehuda from Caulfield House commends, “Elegant house in Caulfield.” We take pride in such testimonials as they mirror our commitment to delivering perfect quality from day one. Talk to us first about your construction needs and let us turn your dream home into a reality.

Why Choose Us For Your Ground Floor Extensions?

Choosing Mass Constructions for your ground floor extensions is the best decision you could make. As a family-owned renovation and extension builder with over 50 years of combined experience, we are deeply committed to delivering high-quality results tailored to our clients’ unique specifications. We understand that home extensions are a significant investment, so we strive to make them affordable without compromising on quality. Our team offers free consultations to ensure that we fully understand your needs before we start the project. With our expertise, we can help you increase the value of your existing home through a well-planned and executed extension.

What Makes Us Different From Other Builders For Ground Floor Extensions?

Mass Constructions is set apart by our unique approach to customer service, our commitment to quality, and our extensive experience. Unlike other builders, we are not just your contractors – we aim to be your trusted construction partners. We focus on building enduring client relationships rooted in strong family values. Our dedicated team ensures that your project is completed on time, on budget, and exceeds your expectations. From securing necessary permits to crafting the final design, we manage every detail of the project, providing a seamless experience for you.

Inspiration and Advice for Ground Floor Extensions in Melbourne

At Mass Constructions, we provide a wide array of options for your ground floor extensions in Melbourne. Whether you wish to extend your kitchen, add a bathroom, or create a new laundry room, our team is ready to assist. We also specialize in creating comfortable outdoor living spaces, perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing. With high-quality materials and modern designs, we can transform your home into a space that truly reflects your lifestyle and tastes.

Recently, we completed a kitchen extension in Caulfield North that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, showcasing our team’s dedication to crafting spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. When you work with Mass Constructions, your imagination is the limit.

As evidenced by our satisfied clients, we are a reliable choice for your ground floor extensions. As Yehuda from Caulfield House puts it, “Elegant house in Caulfield.” We take pride in these testimonials because they reflect our commitment to delivering perfect quality from day one. Talk to us first about your construction needs and let us make your dream home a reality.

We work with clients across the suburbs of South East Melbourne. We have worked in the following areas building second storey extensions:

  • Middle Park
  • South Yara
  • Prahran
  • Malvern
  • Hampton
  • Glen Iris
  • Elwood
  • Caulfield
  • Caulfield North
  • Caulfield South
  • Brighton
  • Bentleigh
  • Armadale
  • Mount Eliza
  • Mount Martha
  • Richmond
  • Frankston
  • Black Rock
  • Sandringham
  • Caulfield South
  • Caulfield North
  • Ormond

Our Most Recent Projects

Recent Project Caulfield North

Home Extension in Caulfield North

We’re proud to be the builder for this house extension and renovation on a  family home in Caulfield North. 

Modern second storey house.

Renovation & Extension in Caulfield South

We designed and built the second storey extension to this home in the Caulfield South suburb of east Melbourne. 

Home Renovation in Ormond

Working with this client on their home renovation in Ormond was a great opportunity to showcase our attention to detail.

What our clients say

We have over twelve years of experience in building second storey extensions and home renovations across the suburbs of inner south east Melbourne. We’re really proud of the work we do. Here’s what a few of our ground floor extension clients have  said about us.

Ray and Jan. Second storey extension clients.

Chris & Karen

Home Renovation and Extension

Tim, you have exceeded our expectations! You have given us the space we wanted in a well-managed, reasonable amount of times without compromising on quality. We were very impressed with how you led us through each stage and your clear and appropriate communication throughout the project. Thank you!

Yehuda. Second storey extension client.


Home Extension in Caulfield South

In one word, Tim was really professional and very responsive as a builder. I was extremely impressed with the quality and overall price was great. His work was outstanding. The end result is superb.

This is a must read for anyone who is about to embark on a home renovation/extension or new home build project