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A Guide to House Extensions in South East Melbourne

As a homeowner, choosing the right investment for your home and property can ultimately increase its value once the time has come to place your home on the open market. One of the most common updates and renovation projects for homeowners includes house extensions. Using this guide, learn how house extensions can benefit you and your family and how to get started with the process of planning for a home extension, from start to finish.

What To Look for in an Extension Builder

Timber wall and roof frame of the house.
Completed wall and roof frame of the house.

Before you begin seeking out a home improvement company or provider in the Melbourne area, there are a few traits and qualifications to look for in an extension builder that is optimal for any home extension project. Some of the most notable characteristics and qualifications to verify before hiring any extension builder include:

  • Portfolio: Verify the work experience and the portfolio of the construction company or provider you are interested in hiring.
  • Certifications: Determine whether the construction company you are researching is certified and qualified to take on the extension project you have in mind.
  • References: Always verify the reputation of a construction company or service provider by asking for references. Calling and contacting references directly can help you find a construction company that you can trust and rely on.
  • Insurance: Always verify that the construction company you have chosen to hire carries active insurance for the proper industries. Insurance is a must whenever a professional is working on the property of another individual.

5 Things You Should Know About Extension Builders Before You Sign

When you are in the market for extension builders and professionals who can deliver the extension you envision, there are a few things to know prior to signing any contractual agreement. The most important things to keep in mind before signing a contract with any builder or construction company include:

  • How long have they been in business? How long has the company you are thinking of hiring been in business?
  • What type of projects are they most familiar with? Are the projects they work on similar to the project you have in mind?
  • Portfolio check: Review the work that prospective extension builders have done before settling on your decision.
  • How do they accept payment, and how much is due upfront?
  • What type of warranty or guarantees are you offered by working with this company or provider?

House Extensions Before and After

Second storey extension before and after.
Before and After: We added a second storey to this Caulfield South home, along with renovations, making the home look like new.

Mass Constructions publishes many photos of our house extensions with before and after pictures of many projects. We invite you to take a look at our Facebook page to discover what we’ve been doing around south east Melbourne. As a passionate family business in the building industry, we’re proud of our creations.

Mass Constructions Are Trusted Extension Builders in Melbourne

If you are seeking trustworthy, professional, and reliable extension builders in Melbourne, turn to Mass Constructions to ensure your job is done properly every step of the way. Mass Constructions offers highly qualified and certified professionals who take their jobs seriously and have a great sense of pride in the work they do. We strive to deliver top-notch quality with all of our work and unforgettable customer service that cannot be underestimated.

The Benefits of Putting an Extension on Your Home

Deck extension in Mount Eliza.
Deck extension in Mount Eliza.

When researching and comparing your options in terms of home improvement projects as well as complete renovations, adding an extension to the home is one way to make significant and drastic changes in less time. An extension for the home offers a myriad of benefits and advantages that are unavailable to those living in dwellings without extensions or additional renovations. Some of the most notable benefits of putting an extension on your home include:

  • Increase space: Increase the living space throughout your home with a new home addition or extension.
  • Increase property value: One of the most appealing aspects of investing in a new home extension is the ability to increase the overall value of your home. Whether you add a new bathroom, bedroom, or even a mother-in-law kitchen area, the value of your home will increase by putting an extension on your home.
  • Cheaper than relocating: If you are thinking of relocating due to a lack of space, you may want to think again. Investing in a new home extension or addition is typically much more affordable than purchasing a brand new home and relocating your entire family.

What Steps Should Be Considered Before You Put an Extension on Your House?

Before adding an extension to any house, there are a few steps to consider and keep in mind, such as:

  • Set a project goal: Determine the purpose of your new home extension as well as the budget you have available.
  • Zoning laws: Verify that you are permitted to construct a new addition to an extension to your home based on your location in South East Melbourne.
  • Research construction providers: Before moving forward with any home improvement project, always research and compare construction companies and providers near you.

Extensions Make Perfect Home Additions That Increase Property Value

One of the biggest draws of adding home additions or house extensions to any property is the ability to significantly increase the property’s overall value. Adding home additions to an already-existing structure provides an opportunity for additional bedrooms, another kitchen, or even office space. The more rooms you have throughout your home, the higher you cab value and sell your property in the future, regardless of its location.

Home Extension Ideas for South East Melbourne

Bathroom renovation in Melbourne
A modern, roomy bathroom renovation by Mass Constructions.

If you are thinking of adding a home extension in the South East Melbourne area, brainstorm your options and consider the space, time, and budget you have available at your disposal. Some common home extension ideas that work in the South East Melbourne area include:

  • Bathroom: Adding a new bathroom to any area of the home is one of the quickest ways to add value to a property.
  • Additional bedrooms: Additional bedrooms in any home can help significantly increase the value of the property itself.
  • Sunroom: A sunroom is an ideal luxury room that will help increase your home’s curb appeal.

3 Tips for Home Extensions in Melbourne

When in the market for home extensions in Melbourne, keep the following tips in mind at all times:

  • Placement: Consider where you intend to place your new house extension. Will your new home addition obstruct or provide an even better view from the inside of your home?
  • Surrounding property space: How much space do you have in your back and front yards? Will you have adequate outdoor space once you have completed the addition you envision for your home? Will the space that the new addition requires cut into the overall value of your property?
  • Features and purpose: Determine the overall purpose of the home extension you are interested in before moving forward with your project. Having a set purpose in mind goes a long way when setting and sticking to budgets and whenever you may encounter speed bumps along the way.

Personalised Service for Your House Extension in Melbourne

If you are interested in a completely personalised experience, consider working with Mass Constructions. At Mass Constructions, we specialise in house extensions in Melbourne, whether our clients are interested in additional family room space or a master bedroom and bathroom en suite. No matter how big or small your project is, we strive to deliver top-notch customer service that is highly personalised for each of our individual clients.

Mass Constructions Does Ground Floor Extensions in Melbourne

Thinking that all home extensions are above the ground floor? Think again. If you are in the market for ground floor extensions in or around Melbourne, Mass Constructions can help. At Mass Constructions, we not only specialise in traditional second-story extensions and additions but also in ground floor extensions for highly personalised and custom projects that our clients have in mind.

Mass Constructions Are Reputable Home Renovation Contractors for South East Melbourne

Modern second storey house.
Modern second storey house.

For highly reputable, trustworthy, and professional home renovation contractors in the South East Melbourne area, contact Mass Constructions. With Mass Constructions, we will ensure your satisfaction, regardless of the size and scope of the project you present to us. Whether you are thinking of a home addition for a relative in your home or if you are interested in home extensions to help boost the overall value of your property, let us help you get on the right track at Mass Constructions.

Mass Constructions for House Extensions Melbourne

When it comes to house extensions, Mass Constructions are trusted builders throughout south east Melbourne. With a combined 50 years experience building second storey additions, home renovations and extensions, we’re proven experts in the building industry. We’re proud of the excellent reviews we have from our wonderful clients. Whether you are planning for a second storey extension or renovating your home there’s a lot to be considered. Mass Constructions have the knowledge, skills and experience to lead you through the process. Work with us to design and build your dream home.

House Extensions Costs

When it comes to house extensions in Melbourne and the associated costs, Mass Constructions are the extension builders and renovators that many south east Melbourne residents and businesses turn to. We have a strong reputation for quality construction and we don’t cut corners. We have a vast array of experience with everything from second storey additions to ground floor extensions, and all types of home renovations such as skylights and staircases. We pride ourselves on integrity and high quality craftsmanship. Mass Constructions are here to help and guide you from the initial development of your ideas and plans right through to the final completion of your home extension in Melbourne at an affordable cost. We invite you to sit down with us and let us help you work out the cost for your project by taking all factors into account.

House Extensions and Prices

When it comes to house extensions and prices it is necessary to take all factors into account. Some builders will give you a cheap quote in order to secure the job but then there will be quality trade-offs and even hidden expenses at a later date. At Mass Constructions, we’ll sit down with you and figure out the cost of your house extension using quality building materials and superior construction techniques.

Build Your Room Extension With Mass Constructions

Are you ready to move forward with your home or room extension project in Melbourne? Do you want a house extension, but you are unsure of where you should begin? If so, contact Mass Constructions to let us assist you with the project. Whether you are starting small or are interested in adding multiple rooms for your next home improvement and renovation project, our team of specialised and certified professionals will get the job done right.

For Quality Home Extensions Call Mass Constructions

Are you searching for a home construction company that is professional, reputable, and focused on delivering the best customer service possible? If so, Mass Constructions is here to help you get started with your next house extension project. Mass Constructions specialises in traditional home improvement and construction projects and simple, extensive, and complex home extensions for each and every one of our customers.