Extension Ideas for Inspiration by Mass Constructions

Extension Ideas – A Guide By Mass Constructions

As a homeowner, investing in a home addition or extension can be extremely rewarding in terms of adding more space to the home and adding value to the property as a whole. If you are considering the idea of investing in a new home addition, brainstorming extension ideas and the process of building a home extension from start to finish is a great way to begin.

Using this guide and these tips, learn how to go from brainstorming a dream extension or addition to your home to working with professionals at Mass Constructions to help bring your dream into reality.

When you are in the planning stages of adding an extension to your home, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of home extension am I interested in adding to my home? What purpose and role will the new extension serve?
  • Am I interested in adding value to my home with my extension investment? If so, what type of home extensions offer the most appealing returns when listing a home on the real estate market?
  • Am I interested in a ground floor, a second story, a garage addition, or an alfresco extension for my home?
  • Do I need to consider my home’s roof and my home’s current structure with the type of home extension I am interested in?
  • What is my budget and is it feasible to replace and purchase a new roof to complete the home extension I am interested in?

Home Extension Ideas

Second storey bedroom.
Second storey extension bedroom.

When you are brainstorming home extension ideas, getting creative can help spark ideas and discover what works best for you and your home. Some home extension ideas to consider for your home depending on its structure, as well as your budget for the project, include:

  • Second-story bedroom additions
  • Second-floor bathroom additions
  • Master bathroom ensuite extensions
  • Bonus rooms for the home
  • Alfresco outdoor extension for entertaining, swimming, and more
  • Mudroom extension
  • Enclosed porch extension
  • Outdoor deck extension (ground floor or second story)

Our Gallery of Home Extensions for Ideas and Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration before settling on an idea for your home’s next extension or addition? Mass Constructions has plenty of home extensions ideas to help get you started on the right track. Our gallery of home extensions for ideas and inspiration can help you determine what style of home addition or extension is right for you, no matter how big or small your project is to complete.

Use our gallery of ideas and inspiration to compare extension types, shapes, sizes of rooms, as well as roofing styles that may be right for your home’s current roof and exterior appearance.

Extensions and Renovations Checklist

When you are in the market for extensions and renovations, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started with the process, such as:

House Extensions Ideas

Adding a new extension or addition to your home does not have to be boring or standard. In fact, with a new extension, you have the power to actually change the shape, design, and entire layout of your home. By adding home extensions to your current property, you can implement all the spaces you need for a perfect lifestyle for you and your household. The following house extension ideas can help you to get started with your home extension project:

  • Add-on kitchen or dining space/ breakfast nook
  • Additional bedrooms and living quarters for entertaining
  • Ensuite space for a master bedroom or ensuite master bathrooms
  • Outdoor dining/alfresco patio house extensions
  • Above-ground garage extension or built-in ground floor addition
  • Loft-in-room conversion
  • Rear extensions

5 House Extension Ideas Unique to Australia

Whether you have always lived in Australia and are well accustomed to Aussie design — or if you are new to the country and are interested in building the perfect home, use these house extension ideas unique to Australia to get started:

  • Alfresco extension: Building an alfresco, or outdoor extension, is the perfect way to entertain while also creating a space for swimming and spending time comfortably outdoors in the hot summer.
  • Add a deck: Adding a deck is another great way to take advantage of and make the most of the warm weather in Australia.
  • Build a studio: Build a studio to get work done right from the comfort of your own home.
  • Create a second-story patio: Create a second-story patio or deck for a touch of luxury off of your master bedroom or upstairs family area.
  • Raised natural light extension: Create a room packed with natural lighting that extends off your second story to help create an energy-efficient home while making the most of the sunshine.

Verandah Extension Ideas for Two Storey Homes

One of the best ways to take advantage of a second-story extension that extends outdoors is with a verandah extension. A verandah extension provides a roof or other overhead coverage to any home extension or addition you add to your home. Some popular verandah extension ideas include:

  • Alfresco entertaining/ grilling/ seating area outdoors
  • Library/sitting room
  • Natural lighting room to help create a more open floor plan throughout your home’s second story
  • Sitting room/ sunroom

Home Extension Ideas Examples With Mass Constructions

Second storey addition timer frame.
A new project of second storey home extension in Clayton.

Deciding on the right home extension for your house can feel overwhelming and confusing if you do not know where to begin. At Mass Constructions, we provide entire galleries of our ground floor, second-story, as well as our alfresco home extensions to help you find the type of extension that is best for you. If you are searching for home extension ideas and examples, look no further than with Mass Constructions.

Unsure of what type of home extension is right for you? We can help. Our experienced professionals are not only capable of building the extensions you have in mind for your home, but they are also willing to help you find a style and extension type that is right for your needs.

Our Photos | 2 Storey Extension Ideas

If you have a two-story home, you may be considering a second-story extension, especially if you have more space available on top of your home’s ground floor. Use our photo gallery of two-storey extension ideas to discover what type of extension or addition is best for your home’s current layout and floor plan.

Extension Room Ideas for Small Homes

If you are living in a small home, you should not feel discouraged. Extensions and additions are still available for small and compact homes. Some extension room ideas for smaller homes may include:

  • Opening up a floor plan to modernize a home’s look
  • Expanding the current space available in a room
  • Adding a small, but useful space

3 Ensuite Extension Ideas for the Budget Conscious

When you are set on the idea of building an ensuite with your home’s new extension, there are many factors to consider. If you are budget-conscious, consider these ensuite extension ideas to help save while maximising space and opportunity in your home:

  1. Create your ensuite where plumbing already exists: Creating an ensuite house extension that includes plumbing and utilities is best where there are already plumbing connections available.
  2. Place the ensuite next to your master bedroom: Adding an ensuite extension to the master bedroom is sometimes more affordable and can significantly add to the value of your home.
  3. Use an open floor plan design: Avoid overspending on building separate spaces with your new house extension by keeping an open and modern floor plan.

2 Storey Rear Extension Ideas

Another type of home addition or extension includes second-story rear extensions. Second-story rear extensions are optimal for homes with plenty of yard space or limited renovation space above ground. Some two storey rear extension ideas to keep in mind may include:

  • A room for natural lighting: Adding a room dedicated to natural lighting can open up your second story while also helping to make your home more energy-efficient in terms of generating heat.
  • Additional bedrooms: Are you currently expanding your family? Are you looking to add a guest room to your home? An additional bedroom is the perfect second-story home addition.
  • Master ensuite bathroom: Add a touch of luxury to your home while also increasing your home’s value by building a master ensuite bathroom attached to any second-story master bedroom.

Renovations and Extensions With Mass Constructions

Once you have decided to invest in a new home extension, turn to Mass Constructions for the renovations and extensions you need. With Mass Constructions, gain peace of mind knowing that your home extension project is in the right hands at all times. Working with Mass Constructions is a way to turn any vision you have for your home’s next addition into a reality.

Mass Constructions has an extensive history with plenty of testimonials from satisfied clients to showcase their commitment to a job well done. If you are ready to get started with the home extension ideas you have in mind, contact Mass Constructions to get started today.