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Home Extension Ideas with Mass Constructions

Searching for home extension ideas? Looking for a builder to help you? Mass Constructions can help you build your ideal home extension. We enjoy a great reputation with fantastic reviews in south east Melbourne. We specialise in home extensions and home renovations design and construction.

The associated costs of home extension projects involve a similar amount of money and effort as building a new house: zoning, permits, foundation, electrical, plumbing, windows, among others. Even if you’re only building an additional room, there are specific services that you can’t do away with.

This is where Mass Constructions comes in. We take away all the planning and building off of your plate. Our dedicated team of experienced and highly qualified construction professionals will help you turn any home extension ideas you want into reality.

We’re Experienced With Home Extensions for Melbourne’s South East

Garage extension.
Our customers were exceedingly happy with this garage extension project.

Mass Constructions are one of the most trusted builders specialising in home extensions in Melbourne, particularly in the south east area. With over a decade of experience, we have designed and built numerous ground, second, and three storey building extension and renovation projects for our clients. Trust us to deliver exceptional quality and workmanship on every project we undertake. Contact us today to discuss your home extension needs.

We carefully plan and execute our home extension projects to satisfy the needs of our clients and ensure that any design elements will enhance and complement the original design of the home.

We Specialise in Single and Double Storey Home Extensions for Melbourne

Looking to expand your ground floor living space? Fancy a second storey extension to add more space to your home? Mass Constructions specialises in single and double storey home extensions in Melbourne.

Two storey house at the back.
Mass Constructions specialise in second storey extensions in Melbourne and are experienced in custom building home extensions.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both single and double storey home extensions. Single storey extensions require simpler construction while double storey extensions allows you to enjoy more space on both floors of the house. Both need careful planning and a reliable builder in order to get the job done right.

At Mass Constructions, we specialize in providing complete solutions for all your home extension and renovation needs. Our services range from adding an extra room to constructing two or even three storey buildings. We remove the hassle out of the building process by helping you plan and design your ideal home extension, taking care of everything from start to finish. Trust us to cater to all your needs and provide you with the perfect living space you’ve always wanted.

House Extension Costs to Consider for Melbourne

There are a lot of factors involved with house extension costs, which can make it more expensive especially if you need to rewire or change the piping or the foundation of your house to accommodate the extension.

If you’re wondering how much house extension costs in Melbourne – the answer is it varies. It depends on the type of home extension you want and the quality of materials that will be used. If you’re going for a second storey home extension, the cost is around 50% more compared to a ground floor extension.

You won’t know for sure the exact cost of a home extension until you’re actually in the planning stage, and you identify how big the extension is going to be and the things you want to do with the extension. Prepare to spend more than your actual budget as there will most likely be unforeseeable costs that will be added along the way.

Hallway with timber floor.
The cost of a house extension varies, depending on many factors. Contact Mass constructions for a consultation.

If you want to know more about house extension costs in Melbourne, or any other information regarding home extension and home renovation, contact Mass Constructions and we’d be more than happy to give you free design consultation, advice, or any information you might need in terms of planning your home extension.

How Much Do Home Extensions in Melbourne Cost?

To find out how much home extensions in Melbourne cost, you need to first consider the specifications and the architectural build of your home. Do you want another floor or just a ground extension? Is this possible with the existing structure of your house?

All these and more contribute to the overall cost of a home extension project. It’s best to contact Mass Constructions now so we can give you a personalised estimate quotation based on your preferences.

We Keep Home Extensions Costs to a Minimum

At Mass Constructions, client satisfaction without breaking the bank is our number one priority. We employ a flexible approach to managing your project and offer alternatives to keep home extensions costs within your budget. So whatever your construction needs are, talk to us first and experience for yourself how we get things done.

Home Extensions Before And After

One of the main reasons homeowners decide to extend or renovate their homes is simply due to the fact that they need more space. Mass Constructions have a team of experienced designers and builders that can help you plan and design the home space of your dreams.

Not sure where to start? Scroll through for some design inspirations from our past clients. While it’s nice to see the finished product, seeing the before photos as well allows you to visualise the potential of your own home.

Small and Large Home Extensions Melbourne

Mr. and Mrs sinks mirrors.
Mass Constructions specialise in the design and construction of home renovations and home extensions.

If you’re looking for a contractor for small home extensions in Melbourne, look no further as Mass Constructions is here to help. We pride ourselves on our professional but very personal approach with how we handle our clients.

Whether it’s a small or large home extension project, our team has the experience and skills to deliver more than what our clients asked for.

We’re a Complete Home Extensions Builder

Mass Constructions is your one-stop shop for all your home extension needs. We offer complete home extensions services and we’ve built a reputation of satisfying even clients with discerning taste. From planning and design to budget and execution, we got you covered. Our commitment is to deliver projects on time and within your budget.

Contact Mass Constructions for Your Home Extensions

So what are you waiting for? Contact Mass Constructions now and let’s talk about that home extension project you’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. We offer a no commitment consultation so you can start planning now.

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