How Much Do House Extensions Cost? Mass Constructions

How Much Do House Extensions Cost?

When it comes to figuring out how much house extensions cost there are a lot of variables that can come into play. Things like how much room you want to create with the house extension, the type of materials you want to use, the amount of glazing – every single choice will affect house extension cost. And this is before incurring additional costs for planning permission, structural engineer fees, surveys, and other expenses that you will incur as the construction progresses.

Factors That Contribute to the Cost Of House Extensions

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Homeowners need to have an idea of the overall cost of house extensions to help them decide whether it’s the right thing to do. With that in mind, Mass Constructions has compiled some of the factors that affect the cost of house extensions.

  • Type of house extension: How big you want your house extension or what type of house extension contributes a lot to the cost of house extensions. Do you want a second storey extension? A single-storey extension beside your house? These are some of the things you need to consider when setting a budget.
  • Materials to be used: The materials you decide to use will also greatly affect the house extension cost. Things like the type of blocks for the walls, windows, and interior finish must all be taken into consideration.
  • Structural cost: Drainage and ground levels are important factors that will also affect the overall cost of your house extension.
  • Planning and building permits: It goes without saying that you can’t just start building a house extension. There are local guidelines and laws that you need to check and comply with to ensure that what you’re building is following such guidelines. Processing permits also cost money so be prepared for these as well.

Calculating the Cost of Extensions for a House

When it comes to calculating the cost of extensions for a house, several factors come into play. From the size of the house extension up to the type of paint you choose to use on the walls, you’ll learn that the second storey extension might end up costing less than a single storey extension, as you don’t need to pay extra for much of the roof or foundation.

To know more about the basic breakdown of cost, schedule a free consultation with Mass Constructions now and we’ll help you get started.

How Much Do Rear House Extensions Cost?

Deck extension.
The cost of a house extension varies, depending on many factors. Contact Mass constructions for a consultation.

Rear house extensions generally cost more since they require more work on the part of the builder to bring tools, vehicles, and materials to the rear of the property unless, of course, there’s access to the rear.

It will also depend on the complexity of the design as well as the size of the rear house extension. Rear extensions are one of the most popular types of extensions as it requires less planning permission, allows you to maximise your lot area, and does not impact the front side look of the property.

Mass Constructions can help you plan and design a rear house extension that will suit your needs and budget. Give us a call and let’s start building.

Tips For Cost Effective House Extensions

House extensions need not be expensive. With the right planning and builder, you can build one within your budget. Here are some tips for cost-effective house extensions:

  • Stick to a simple design: A rectangle extension with a pitched roof, for instance, costs cheaper than a more complicated design.
  • Go for simple building material: Opting for simple interior fittings and building materials that are easy to install is another way to cut costs.
  • Opt for standard fittings: Another way to cut costs is to avoid choosing non-standard, made-to-order furniture and windows. This will help greatly reduce costs.
  • Don’t get blinded by signature brands: With the right builder and allotting enough time in sourcing materials, you’ll find that there are cheaper yet great alternatives to high-end brands.

What is the Average Cost of a House Extension?

The average cost of a house extension depends on a lot of factors. For a better understanding of the cost that goes into house extension, contact Mass Constructions directly. We provide free consultation and planning to address all your questions and concerns regarding house extensions.

We Specialise in Second Storey House Extensions

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Mass Constructions are a reliable custom builder that can deliver what you want within your budget.

Thinking of having a secondary house extension? Then Mass Constructions is the perfect builder for the job. We specialise in second storey house extensions and would love to be your number one choice of builder in Melbourne. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team is fully capable of creating a second storey extension that will suit your preference and budget.

Contact Mass Constructions For a House Extension Cost Analysis

A house extension cost differs depending on a multitude of factors. Contact Mass Construction and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate and at the same time help you design and plan the house extension that you envision for your family.