Cost of an Extension by Mass Constructions, Renovation Experts

What Is the Cost of a House Extension in Melbourne?

Mass Constructions have been in business for over 30 years. We are here to help and guide you work out the cost of a house extension in Melbourne — from the initial development of your ideas and plans right through to the final completion of your second storey addition. We’ll work with you to find out what the actual costs for the project will be. When it comes to cost, we guarantee that your house extension or renovation will get exactly the same attention to detail as it would if it were our own. There are many builders that will promise to build everything cheap, but then there’s a trade-off on quality. We invite you to have a chat with us to properly consider how much a house extension may cost, in terms of all aspects involved: quality, materials, labour and planning. We work hard to build our reputation on high quality craftsmanship, our choice of only quality materials and our old fashioned values like integrity and honesty. Values like those will never go out of style – not for us anyway.

Cost of Building an Extension Per Square Metre

Deck extension in Mount Eliza.
Deck extension in Mount Eliza.

The cost of building an extension per square metre can vary depending on many factors such as accessibility, the type and style of home, previous construction methods, the integrity of the existing structure and many other things. Will the extension involve insulation costs? Do foundations need to be reinforced? Are there any load-bearing walls? Some builders will happily give you the cost of an extension based on materials only, but to truly understand what cost will be involved, it’s necessary to have a chat with a builder that can weigh all factors of the building process up for you, taking into account various options that might be available, as well as budget considerations.

The Cost of House Extensions

Similarly to the cost of an extension per square meter, the cost of a house extension can vary greatly depending on various factors. Mass Constructions has great business relationships with many companies for sourcing quality construction materials at the best cost. Since the beginning of our company, we’ve always worked diligently to put an emphasis on quality first. To get a true and accurate estimate of work that will use the best building techniques and quality materials, we invite you to contact us for a chat. We will work with you from the design stage, right up until the completion of your extension. You’ll never have to deal with salespeople, or different tradesmen. We take a personal approach to every building project.

Associated Cost of Building an Extension Compared to Moving

The cost of building an extension is often non-prohibitive when taking into account alternatives such as moving. In many cases, an extension is more affordable than selling and moving into a bigger home, particularly when you factor real estate fees and stamp duty into the equation. If you have equity in your home, it might be a good idea to get financial advice about refinancing your home to fund an extension.

Cost of Extension Considerations and Options

The cost of an extension also depends on the type of extension you want to build, and the purpose of that extension. If you’re looking at a two storey extension, you’ll be looking at roughly 50% more cost as compared to a single storey extension. Loft extensions can cost more than one might think at first, because they need to be well insulated. Basement conversions can cost up to $500,000 while garage conversions can be done for close to $20,000. We invite you to contact us for a discussion about the type of extension that would be best for you. Pricing can range wildly depending on many factors. Mass Constructions prices are fair and our workmanship is first class. We’ll give you a reasonable quote for a quality built, using quality materials and construction techniques.