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Mass Constructions specialise in second storey extensions in Melbourne and are experienced in custom building home extensions.

Building the home of your dreams or completing a home renovation project in Melbourne is a way to truly create a space that is your own. Whether you are interested in classic renovations in Melbourne or if you are thinking of installing a new home extension, finding the best builders in Melbourne is a must. To find the best builders in the Melbourne area, there are a few steps to take to prepare for your upcoming renovation or building project.

Biggest Builders in Melbourne Aren’t Necessarily the Best

When searching for the best builders in Melbourne, it is important to keep in mind that immediately hiring the biggest and most well-known builder is not always necessarily the best decision. Some of the largest builders in Melbourne are rife with customer service complaints, delay issues, and quality control reports that have caused new prospective clients to steer clear. If you need dedicated professionals who provide quality builds and top-notch customer service, consider turning to Mass Constructions instead of the biggest builders in Melbourne.

A Checklist To Find the Best Home Builders in Melbourne

Finding the best home builders in Melbourne is not always as easy or straightforward as conducting a quick Google search. To find a home builder that you can truly trust and count on, keep the items in the following checklist in mind at all times:

  • Create a project scope: What type of project are you interested in having completed by a home builder in Melbourne? How long will the project likely take? What is the purpose of your project? Do you intend to add space to your home, renovating an existing area, or simply add value to your property?
  • Budgeting: Do you have a set budget in mind? Are you flexible with your budget, or are you looking for a builder that is willing to work within your price range?
  • Licensing: Are the home builders and construction providers licensed as necessary for the construction work and/or renovations you request?
  • Insurance: It is imperative to verify that any home builder or construction company that you sign a contract with is currently insured, especially once they begin working at your home and on your property.
  • Certifications: Does the construction company or home builder you are interested in hold additional certifications or qualifications that make them more appealing and professional than other local competitors in the area?

Mass Constructions Are a Trusted Company for Renovations Melbourne

For a trusted company that provides quality renovations in Melbourne, turn to Mass Constructions. Whether you have a set timeline to work with, a strict budget, or if you have a highly custom and personalised project in mind, Mass Constructions is readily available to step up to the plate.

Best Builders in Melbourne for House Extensions

Second storey bed room.
Second storey extension bedroom.

Finding the best builders in Melbourne for house extensions is not always straightforward, especially if you live in an area with plenty of construction companies and providers in the local community. Seeking out the best builders in Melbourne can be done by taking the following steps before signing a contract and finalizing your decision:

  • Research a company’s reputation: Want to learn more about how a company is viewed by members of your community and previous customers and clients? Research reviews and testimonials that are verifiable and available to the public before choosing a builder to hire for your next house extension project.
  • Review and compare portfolios: Hiring the best builder in Melbourne is often subjective, especially if you have specific and customised ideas in mind. Take time to review and compare work portfolios to determine which construction company and/or home extension builder in Melbourne is right for your next renovation project.
  • Licensing, certifications, and qualifications: Always research and verify the licenses, certifications, and any other professional qualifications of a builder in Melbourne before signing a contract. Ensure that certifications, as well as insurance, are updated and active before allowing a builder or professional construction company to enter your home and begin their work.

Best Home Builders in Melbourne for Personalised Service

When you are thinking of adding a home addition to your property or an extension to your house, it is important to seek out the best home builders in Melbourne that offer personalised services in addition to traditional building and renovation solutions. Whether you are building a new office space or thinking of adding more rooms to your home for your children, work with builders in Melbourne who understand the importance of personalised service and customised results with each client and project they take on. At Mass Constructions, we take pride in the level of attention to detail we put forth for each one of our customers, regardless of the vision they have in mind.

Best House Builders in Melbourne for Renovations and Extensions

Whether you are in the market for a home renovation or interested in home extensions, finding the best house builders in Melbourne that offer both renovations and extensions is one way to gain peace of mind. Working alongside builders in Melbourne who are experienced in traditional construction, renovations and extensions is one of the quickest ways to get started with any sized construction project. Working with Mass Constructions is a way to get started on any construction, addition, or extension project with ease.

Best Custom Builders Melbourne with Awesome Reviews

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We hope our client enjoy their new home.

Are you tired of searching for professional construction companies and builders in Melbourne that are reliable and trustworthy, only to end up feeling disappointed and let down? At Mass Constructions, we want you to know that we take our reputation and our reviews seriously. Our aim is to be recognised as one of the best custom builders in Melbourne. We love sharing our awesome reviews, as we know just how important it is to deliver not only top-notch quality when it comes to our builds and renovations, but also when it comes to our customer service. We want all of our prospective customers and clients to take the time to read and review our own testimonials to feel comfortable and at ease before working with us.

Best Melbourne Builders for Second Story Extensions

Are you thinking of adding more bedrooms to the second story of your home? Looking to build an office space, a family room, or even a playroom for your young children? If you want to add a second-story extension to your home, finding the best Melbourne builders is essential. At Mass Constructions, we are not only well-versed and experienced in traditional renovations and ground floor extensions, but we also specialize in second-story extensions for any purpose. Regardless of the type of home you are currently living in, we will work with you to help turn your project and vision into a reality.

We’re One of the Most Trusted Builders Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Hiring the right builder or construction company can ultimately mean the difference between a failed investment and an investment that provides returns for you for years to come. When you are in the market for new builders in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, finding the best builders and construction providers goes a long way. Mass Constructions is one of the most trusted builders that the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne has to offer, for all customers, regardless of project size and budget. When working with Mass Constructions, we will ensure that your project is taken seriously, tended to carefully, and completed properly, just as you desire. We know just how important it is to hire a trusted builder or construction company for any renovation or home addition project, which is why we have plenty of references and testimonials to showcase our professional reputation.

The Cost of an Extension Depends on the Experience of the Builder

When you are in the market for a new home extension or new home addition, it is important to note that the cost of an extension will depend on the experience of the builder as well as the demand of the builder at the time. The cost of an extension for a home may range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and location of the extension you are interested in for your home. It is also important to consider the level of quality you will receive when working with the best Melbourne builders as opposed to working with contractors who are uninsured and not licensed.

Contact Mass Constructions for Your Home Renovation Project in Melbourne

If you are ready to get started on your home renovation in Melbourne, contact Mass Constructions to learn more. At Mass Constructions, we work hard to turn our clients’ visions into a reality, whether you are interested in a simple renovation or a completely new addition to your home. To learn more about our services and to schedule your consultation, contact Mass Constructions today.

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