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Delux second storey home.

Home makeovers and renovations are two of the most sought-after projects of homeowners, especially in recent years when people spend more time at home. When creating a home makeover in Melbourne, there are many design trends to investigate and borrow from. Whether it’s giving your bedroom new paint, replacing the cabinets in your kitchen or larger home renovation projects like adding a rear extension or outdoor living patio, careful planning is necessary.

Taking on a home makeover project shouldn’t be too complicated or take up too much of your time. A well-thought plan that allows for seamless execution is key to having a successful home makeover project.

The first step toward proper planning is knowing exactly what you want – but it is easier said than done, especially if you’re tackling your first home renovation project.

Regardless of where you draw inspiration from or how you go about renovating your home, seeing the finished product makes it all worthwhile. There’s nothing like an aesthetically pleasing home with enough living space for your family to enjoy. Imagine having an open floor plan kitchen where you can entertain guests as you cook or a dedicated home office so you can focus more on work. The options to enhance your home and bring your ideas to life are endless.

Are You Contemplating a Home Makeover in South East Melbourne?

Newly renovated kitchen.
In 2022, kitchen renovation trends will continue to emphasise multifunctional kitchens.

From simple bathroom or kitchen makeovers to entire house renovations, below are some sensational home makeovers in Melbourne that will inspire you.

Kitchen renovations: Arguably the most popular type of home renovation among homeowners, a kitchen renovation is not only one of the best ways to transform the look and feel of your home but also the best way to boost your property’s resale value.

In 2022, kitchen renovation trends will continue to emphasise multifunctional kitchens. A trend that started during the pandemic is that kitchens have been utilised to double up as office spaces and classrooms, which has created a necessity for more focus on efficient and uncluttered kitchens.

Increase Functionality with a House Extension

A breakfast pantry with built-in shelves to store breakfast appliances, lower drawers to stock food staples, and u-shape shelves are highly coveted. Adding an extension to expand living space or to create an open space living environment allows for more functionality.

The use of colours for cabinets is still on-trend as people move away from the all-white kitchen era. Most homeowners still want a clean and modern kitchen, and slap splashbacks help obtain a smooth look.

Vintage and farmhouse looks are also gaining popularity as both designs tap into nostalgia to create a lived-in and homey feel.

  • Multi-functional living: Like the kitchen, an open-plan layout with multi-functional rooms is still a big trend in 2022. Integrating a home office in clever ways by adding architectural dimensions such as raked ceilings or varying ceiling heights are some of the practical ways to create a fresh look to your home or provide direction to the free flow of an open floor plan. Adding a second storey extension helps to open up these possibilities.
  • Second storey house extension: Adding another level to your home provides the much needed extra space to make everyday living more comfortable. One of the great things about a second storey house extension is it allows you to keep your outdoor space since you’re extending upward. A second storey extension also created the chance for you to completely change your interior layout and the overall design of your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a House in South East Melbourne?

Second story house.
Mass Constructions is an experienced builder that will be with you from the beginning of your project to the end.

There are several factors that affect home renovation costs. But don’t let it discourage you from getting that home makeover you’ve always wanted. There are multiple ways to achieve a well-designed house extension within your budget. Consider these factors that affect home renovation costs:

  • Homebuilder: The choice of a custom home builder broadly affects the cost of a home renovation project. Although hiring a well-known and experienced home builder might cost more money, opting for an inexperienced contractor might not meet your expectations. The best choice is to go for an experienced contractor that is not a big construction firm. Opt for a company in which you can personally talk to the owner about what you want to achieve with your house extension. Mass Constructions prides itself on being a company that is always contactable and present.
  • Materials needed: The quality of the materials, including the furniture and fittings, also takes up a lot of your home renovation budget. This is also one of the reasons why it is crucial to hire an experienced and credible contractor so they can help you source high-quality materials at a reasonable price.
  • Time: The amount of time it will take to complete your home renovation project equates to the cost of labour since the more hours they spend on the project, the more expensive it will be.

Mass Constructions is an experienced builder that will be with you from the beginning of your project to the end. We’ll ensure that there are no budget blowouts, that materials are sourced in the most affordable and sensible ways and that the project is delivered on time and on budget.

How to Create Your Dream Home Makeover

Creating your dream home makeover is easy when you know what you want – whether it’s a rear house extension or a second storey extension, planning the design and layout you want is crucial.

  • Side extensions: Adding an extension to the side or back of your house is often the most feasible and least expensive option. If you have a side return, consider integrating that to get more light and space. Also known as a wrap-around extension, it creates an L-shape layout that effectively wraps around your existing home, giving it a much larger and brighter room.
  • Rooflights: Adding a skylight or a roof window presents the illusion of a glazed house extension and brings in an abundant amount of much needed natural light while giving the impression of having a bigger space.
  • Outdoor kitchen: If you want a bigger kitchen space to cook, eat, and entertain guests, but your existing space does not allow it, an outdoor kitchen extension is ideal. An outdoor kitchen provides the option to create a contemporary kitchen with a diner extension that is perfect for hosting family dinners and parties.
  • Second storey extension: A second storey house extension is a great way to maximise your living space without compromising your garden and outdoor space. Although it might temporarily create a bit of disruption to your day-to-day life, the significant value it adds to your house makes it worth it. And it’s usually a better option than moving to a different location.

Discuss Your Home Design Makeover with Mass Constructions

Home owner paying cheque to builder.
At Mass Constructions, we take immense pride in each project and form a personal, yet professional relationship with our clients.

Start your home design makeover by contacting Mass Constructions today. We understand how tedious the process can be and how frustrating it is to find a custom home builder that fully understands your ideas.

At Mass Constructions, you will be able to speak personally to our director, Tim Rae, as he oversees every project. He has a strong background in carpentry contracting and understands the importance of structurally sound product design.

Book a free consultation with us now, and we will help you get started with your dream home makeover.

Home Makeover Ideas for South East Melbourne

If you’ve been living in your house for quite some time now, you’ll likely have a whole list of areas of your home that need renovating. Some of the modern house extensions and makeover ideas you can recreate include:

  • Converting your seldom-used garage into a living space.
  • Extend your balcony or garden to connect the indoor and outdoor space to achieve a brighter and more spacious living space.
  • A loft extension is a budget-friendly way to create more bed space when adding extra bedrooms is not feasible.
  • If you have the budget, try a glazed house extension, as it gives your home an impressive look that adds value to your property.

Mass Constructions Home Renovations and Makeovers Melbourne

For home makeover services, consult Mass Constructions. Mass Constructions specialises in constructing ground and second storey house extension and renovation projects. With over a decade of experience, we’ve done an extensive array of home renovations in Melbourne.

Mass Constructions specialises in constructing ground and second storey house extension and renovation projects. Our goal is to design and build high-quality custom house extensions and renovations delivered on time and within your budget.

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