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A Guide to Home Repairs and Extensions for Melbourne

Before and After house.
Before and After on our project in Camberwell.

If you’re looking for contractors who do major home repairs in Melbourne, then Mass Constructions is the answer. We specialise in home renovation and home extensions in the south east Melbourne suburbs. Our team of highly experienced and professional builders and construction workers can take on any major home repair and extension projects.

How to Find Good Home Builders in Melbourne

Wanting to have major home repairs done but having a hard time finding reliable home builders in Melbourne? Below are some tips on how to find a good home builder:

  • Do your research: Compile a list of home builders in your area and make a shortlist of all potential builders based on customer reviews. Book an appointment with each one and talk to them. Don’t be shy to ask questions. See who you connect with the most and the one that fully understands your vision.
  • Take note of their specialty: Not all home builders are created equal. Ask the builders about other major home repairs or constructions they’ve done in the past and work with someone that suits your current requirements.
  • Go for an experienced one: As they say, experience is the best teacher. If the builder has done several home repair projects similar to yours, chances are he has the experience to anticipate and resolve common problems that may arise through the course of your home renovation project.

FAQ for Home Extensions in Melbourne

When planning a home extension it is natural to have questions. Mass Constructions are always available to help point you in the right direction when it comes to planning permits, budgeting and costs.

Can we stay in the house while the home extension project is going on?

Yes. Depending on the extent of the home extension, most of our clients opt to stay in the house during the construction. When a major home extension project requires cutting off electricity, clients are advised to leave the house for their own comfort.

Do I need a planning permit?

Check with your local council as they’re the ones responsible for issuing a planning permit. They may require a planning permit for major home repairs, extensions, and renovations. Mass Constructions can help you with acquiring all the necessary permits.

How much does a home extension cost?

The cost of home extensions in Melbourne greatly varies. It depends on several factors including the size and type of home extension you want as well as the type of materials you want to use.

How do I choose a reliable home builder?

Mass Constructions provides free consultation and design ideas for your home extension and renovation. We specialise in second storey home extensions and can give you second storey design ideas that will suit your existing home. Give us a call or book an appointment and experience for yourself what our clients have been saying in their testimonials.

How Much Does a House Extension Cost?

A house extension cost is determined by many factors for which can be identified during the planning and design process. Components like the type of house extension and the design affect the cost. Contact Mass Constructions and we’ll give you a free, no-commitment estimate of the overall cost.

We’re an Experienced Extension Builder for Melbourne

Brightly lit, elegant kitchen with marble top benches, downlights and modern fittings.
Mass Constructions have completed many extensions and kitchen renovations around the Melbourne southeastern suburbs.

Mass Constructions is the top choice extension builder in Melbourne. We specialise in second storey extensions and pride ourselves on providing high-quality services to our clients delivered on time and within their budget.

Mass Constructions is a Home Renovation Builder Melbourne


Planning on having a home renovation done but don’t know where to start? Give us a call and we’ll help you every step of the way. From planning and design to sourcing of materials and construction, we provide a full home renovation service.

Our experienced and highly qualified tradesmen can get the job done promptly.

Contact Us for Your Second Storey Extension in Melbourne

Second storey extension is a cost-effective way to expand the living space of your home. It’s a cheaper alternative to ground storey extensions since you don’t need to add foundation and roofing.

If you want to build a second storey extension and Melbourne is your location, you’re in luck because Mass Constructions is here. We’re highly experienced in second storey extensions so you are assured that you’re getting the best builders for your home extension project. Contact us now and we’ll design your home extension for free.