Inspirational Living Room Renovation and Extension Ideas

Caulfield lounge room by Mass Constructions.
Mass Constructions' project: at living room.
Regardless of where you draw inspiration from or how you go about renovating your home, seeing the finished product makes it all worthwhile.

Living room renovation and extension projects are becoming increasingly popular, especially since we spend more time at home nowadays. Expanding a living room is exceptionally beneficial, creating opportunities for open plan living and increased functionality which adds value to your property while making your everyday living more pleasurable.

Extending your living room to add an entertainment area or an indoor to outdoor space are some ideas you might consider with your living room renovation. Adding an extension to open your home to the outdoors is a great way to create more space for your family to bond or enjoy your garden.

To maximise your living room space and ensure that you combine functionality with aesthetics, hire an experienced and trusted custom home builder. Living room renovation and extension are entirely different from constructing a new house from the ground up.

Mass Constructions is a custom home builder that specialises in building ground and second floor house extension and renovation projects across the south east Melbourne suburbs. When completing a house extension or renovation project, we meticulously consider the design elements to ensure that any changes will complement or enhance the original home.

From a rear extension to enlarge your living room to a second storey living room extension that can double as an office space, there are a wide range of inspiring ways to elevate your living room.

Living Room Renovation Ideas for South East Melbourne

The living room is a place where we hang out to unwind when we’re at home, making it one of the most significant and important areas of our home. If your living room feels too cramped or the design simply doesn’t lend itself to the functionality you require, then maybe it’s time for a living room renovation.

Some living room renovation ideas you should consider include:

Small living room with a TV.
If your living room feels too cramped or the design simply doesn’t lend itself to the functionality you require, then maybe it’s time for a living room renovation.

Alfresco Living

Alfresco living space is perfect with the pleasant summer weather in Melbourne. And if you have a garden, it allows you to bring the inside out and vice versa. Build a space where you can lounge around while enjoying the light summer breeze or a place to dine in as you revel in your pool area. The possibilities are endless with the wide variety of lounge room ideas that are possible – only limited by the imagination.

Rear Extensions and Decks

A rear extension is a cost-effective way to extend the living room. Adding decks to a side extension to enjoy alfresco living allows you to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Opt for an open plan layout to create a bigger extension space.

Simple Living Room Ideas

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and chic small living room extension is easy when you work with a trusted custom home builder to help you conceptualise a small living room. With a small living room, maximising the space is the key. Some simple living room ideas you can try include:

  • Add a sectional sofa: An L-shaped sectional sofa is an excellent way to utilise a small living room space. Aside from its functionality, it also provides a huge visual impact.
  • Dark furniture & white walls: Adding dark furniture provides depth to a small living room with white walls. Ensure that there are heaps of natural light entering the room to avoid making the space look weighed down.
  • Scale & texture: Combining big and small furniture with bold colours makes a small living room look fun and quirky.
  • More greens: Skip decorative knick knacks and opt for small house plants for that tropical vibe that makes it feel like summer the entire year.

Small Living Room Ideas

lounge room with TV.
An additional storey for a living room will free up space on your ground floor, which you can convert to a guest room or additional bedrooms.

Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to a living room extension. Make a small living room feel more spacious with carefully thought of pieces that are both practical and pleasing to the eyes. A wall painted with a bright yellow tone carves out a small living room or a minimalist designed space are some simple living room ideas you can consider.

But if you wish to have more living room space, a second storey extension is the answer. An additional storey for a living room will free up space on your ground floor, which you can convert to a guest room or additional bedrooms.

Other popular living room ideas in Australia that can be used to decorate a new extension include:

  • Plains & Prints: Prints on smaller pieces such as the centrepieces, throw pillows, and the rug while solid tones on walls, table, curtains, and sofa.
  • Wood Finish on White: The warm tones that natural woods provide balance to a stark white room. For finishing touches, add a pop of colour for a refreshing mix.
  • Pretty in Pink: Shades of pink and other soft pastel colours help create a welcoming and cozy room. Since pink is a playful colour, it complements basic colours such as grey and white.
  • Rustic & Modern: Wood tones are perfect for providing warmth to any space. Achieve a cabin vibe by using outdoor touches such as woven rug and wooden plank panels.

How Much Does a Living Room Renovation Cost?

Living room.
Several factors affect the cost of any house extension or renovation. It is important to identify what your goals are and what you want to achieve before beginning a renovation project.

When it comes to the living room renovation cost, it can be tricky to estimate – especially for first-time renovators. Several factors affect the cost of any house extension or renovation. It is important to identify what your goals are and what you want to achieve before beginning a renovation project. It is also important to speak with an experienced builder to find out what’s possible in your aren, as each council will have varying degrees of regulations. A builder will also be able to provide advice on the best materials to use for your project, which can also significantly affect the cost.

The construction industry is one of the wildest markets to navigate for homeowners. Ultimately, you need the help of an experienced custom home builder to help you achieve your goals at a fair price point and on time.

Several factors affect the overall cost of a living room renovation, including:

  • Materials: The higher the quality of a building material, the more expensive it is. The same goes for the materials and fittings for a home renovation. But this is not to say you can’t achieve an aesthetically pleasing design and sturdy furniture without spending an arm and a leg. The key is knowing exactly what you want and finding great alternatives.
  • Layout: The most cost-effective shape of a house for renovation is a square layout or a design with each corner positioned at a 90-degree angle. If your home has a fancy layout and eccentric angles, it will be more expensive to renovate.
  • Time-frame: Since a renovation can be disruptive to our day to day living, especially if you’re renovating a commonly utilised area of your home. A delay in the timeit takes to add an extension will generally translate into higher costs. Mass Constructions always aim to have your renovation done as soon as possible.

Although you can do your own research to get estimates of a living room renovation cost, it’s still best to book a consultation with Mass Construction to get a better idea of the overall cost of a living room renovation. We will help set your budget and expectations – based on our experience and knowledge of the industry and the south east Melbourne area.

How to Renovate a Living Room on a Budget?

Don’t get discouraged if you have a limited budget for a living room renovation. There are various construction methods and design ideas to draw inspiration from, to renovate a living room on a budget. Living room makeover hacks you can try are:

  • Rethink your living room layout: A new design is sometimes all it takes to change the vibe of a room. Living spaces typically revolve around a feature piece such as a television or centre table. If you want to change the entire layout of your living space, an extension would be great.
  • Change the flooring: Redoing your flooring need not be expensive. Wooden laminates and vinyl tiles are great and cost-efficient flooring options.
  • Light up your living space: We often neglect the importance of lighting in opening up a room and improving the aesthetic appeal of any room. Natural light is one of the best ways to make a space look bigger and cosier. Consider installing roof lights to achieve this look.

Living Room Remodel Contractors

Living room extensions are a tedious project to execute. This is where seeking the help of a living room renovation service comes in. Searching for living room remodel contractors who will suit your budget and understand your needs and preferences can be frustrating.

With over a decade of experience designing and building custom house extensions and renovations, Mass Constructions has established a strong portfolio of projects for our clients in the entire south east Melbourne region. Check our recently completed projects to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Contact Mass Constructions for Living Room Renovation Melbourne

Having been in the business in the Melbourne area for decades, Mass Constructions understands the intricacies of the construction industry needed to produce premium quality house extensions and renovations. To learn more about the factors you need to consider when planning a living room renovation in Melbourne, or to find out what is possible in your particular location, book a consultation with us.

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